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April 2017

APR 23
International People & Leadership Conference 2017 is a unique and one-of-a-kind conference that brings together the core...

Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

December 2017

DEC 11
Human resource management is the management of an organization's workforce, or human resources and is responsible for th...


February 2018

OVERVIEW A severance agreement is a contract between an employer and employee that documents the rights and responsib...

United States

FEB 17
Conference Name: 4th Dubai International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 17-18 February 2018, UAE Co...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

FEB 27
OVERVIEW Interaction with people includes dealing with different personality styles, temperaments and situations. How...

United States

March 2018

MAR 13
OVERVIEW The balanced scorecard is not new. However, not enough companies are using it. This session will cover h...

United States

MAR 21
OVERVIEW This course will cover the use of background checks in the employment process under the EEOC best practices....

Aurora, Colorado,
United States


Human Resource Management Practices in Selected Ethiopian Private Companies

A Study to Increase Employee Productivity in Ethiopia

by Dirk J. van Wasbeek


This dissertation examines how human resources are managed at selected Ethiopian private companies, how Ethiopian human resource management practice is evolving and how it can be improved. The examination is qualitative and exploratory, since no comparative research on human resource management has yet been conducted at Ethiopian profit or non-profit organizations. An understanding of Ethiopian human resource management practice makes it possible to improve Ethiopian human resource management practice, and thus to increase employee productivity. The study took place at four manufacturing and four service companies in Addis Ababa, all representative of their sector. The research claim is that Ethiopian human resource management practices differ from human resource management practices in ...

by Kathleen K. Roth, DBA


"This study is an early evaluation of the benefits of using the internet and information technology for Human Resources programs and practices by a sample of large public and private for profit and not for profit organizations. The respondents themselves were higher in transformational leadership. Additionally, those with higher transformational scores were more likely to use IT for Human Resources Management. The use of IT enhanced accessibility, timeliness, and HR decision making. We are likely to see in the years to come many more evaluated shifts of HR programs and practices from paper to PC." -Bernard M. Bass, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Management, Binghamton University "I have gone thru [your] results and they make a lot of sense as you noted. I wish that we ...

The Top 25 Strategic Management Mistakes

What You Can Do to Prevent Them

by Michael F. Latimer


This book is the first of its kind to offer readers a comprehensive view of the complex array of executive, operational, financial, human resource, technological and other management issues that collectively impact organizational performance. Utilizing real-world accounts, each section examines one of the major strategic management mistakes that companies have made when trying to resolve problems with their performance. You will gain valuable insight into the underlying issues in each case, including: An understanding of the detrimental effect that departmentalized business structures and functions have had on organizational decision-making. An appreciation of the strategic importance of the Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology functions. Greater awareness of th...

by Ira Feder


A new type of highly customized job enrichment was studied for its impact on job performance, by comparing its impact on job performance to those resulting from classical job enrichment. The study was conducted on participants comprised of employees of a financial institution and a small section of a residential population. Participants (n=38) were Human Resources staff in the financial institution and of mixed professional occupations in the other group. The Job Diagnostic Survey was used to measure job enrichment, and performance ratings were used to measure job performance. Correlations between job enrichment and job performance were studied for those participants categorized in classically enriched jobs vs. those in jobs that had customized job enrichment. Certain limitations of t...

by Lisa Granger


Best Practices in Occupational Health, Safety, Workers Compensation and Claims Management for Employers will guide human resources professionals, health and safety professionals, and management to "Navigate the Road to Zero" injuries in the workplace while encouraging cost efficiency and productivity. This guide of best practices will assist employers of any industry in matters of accommodating restricted workers, prevention strategies through strong health and safety programs, and cost effective disability claims management including return to work planning and cost strategies. This guide offers options in aligning legal compliance with best practices in health and safety as well as claims management. The information will review universal alternatives in best practices for building leg...

Executive Coaching

A Perception of the Chief Executive Officers of the Most Successful Fortune 500 Companies

by Dr. Sam Fanasheh


The study explored the perception of executive coaching among the chief executive officers (CEOs) of America's largest 500 companies as shown on Fortune magazine list of April 15, 2002. This study utilized an instrument of 12 questions. The questionnaire was sent to the CEOs of the top 500 American companies. A cover letter and a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope were provided. Attribute responses were coded and analyzed using several descriptive statistical tools. Out of the 500 targeted CEOs, 143 participated in this study. Seventy-six percent of the respondents demonstrated a good understanding of the basic concepts of executive coaching. Eighty-three percent were able to distinguish coaching from consulting, 61% stated that coaching can make their life somewhat better, 49% agreed...

Solving the Childcare and Flexibility Puzzle

How Working Parents Make the Best Feasible Choices and What That Means for Public Policy

by Arthur C. Emlen


This book shines a light on the dynamics of parental decisions and discovers a remarkable ability. Disputing idealized professional measures as irrelevant to the everyday life of most families, Professor Emlen describes detailed evidence from his own research and arrives at a simple but profound conclusion: that parents have a propensity to make the best choices possible. It all depends on how much flexibility they can marshal from work schedules, shared family efforts, and helpful providers of childcare. Based on successful measurement of childcare quality from a parent's point of view, the findings show that as parents solve their flexibility puzzle, the more flexibility from any or all sources, the better the quality of care. Emlen gives the familiar concept of flexibility new scope an...