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May 2015

MAY 21
Dear Colleagues, Please consider submitting papers to Web 2.0 Security and Privacy(W2SP) 2015 which is ...

San Jose,

March 2017

MAR 14
Over 200 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, forensic laboratories, govern...

United Kingdom

October 2018

OCT 31
We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming 7th American Forensic Conference: R&D and Novel Technologies which will b...

Burlingame, California,
United States

March 2019

Intern. Workshop on Multimedia Forensic Data Analysis Forensic'2019 July 19th, 2019, New York, USA Workshop Chair ...

New York,
United States

March 2021

Global webinar on Forensic Science ( March 05-07, 2021 The...


June 2021

JUN 29
6th International conference on forensic psychology and criminology. It’s an exceptional opportunity for the participa...


July 2021

JUL 23
2nd Global webinar on Forensic Science ( July 23-25, 2021 ...


Web Without a Weaver- On the Becoming of Knowledge

A Study of Criminal Investigation in the Danish Police

by Camilla Hald


The dissertation describes the processes surrounding the production of investigative knowledge within the Danish Police based on in-depth analyses of how investigators seek out, discover, and produce knowledge that can assist in the production of evidence for identification and prosecution. The central question informing the dissertation is the question of how knowledge comes about, and how such processes of knowledge can be studied anthropologically. The dissertation develops a theoretical frame for the study of knowledge, which addresses the becoming of knowledge as the effect of the interaction of heterogeneous 'parts' producing knowledge as a complex 'whole'. This is done by investigating how tacit and embodied forms of knowledge (experience or 'craft knowledge') as well as more abs...