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March 2016

MAR 30
The conference is a strategic platform for Singapore to provide thought leadership and champion the effective use of...


April 2016

APR 16
The conference is designed to bring the body of Christ together, to learn together and to grow together. We focus on ...

Fort Wayne, Indiana,
United States

June 2016

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Association of Special Education and the Principals’ Association of Specialist...


October 2016

The 1st International Teacher Education Conference on Teaching Practice (ITECTP 2016) provides platforms for sharing i...


November 2016

PCBET 2016 Communication is the heartbeat of any organisation and effective communication helps boost producti...

Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam

Conference Name: 7th International Conference on Learning, Education and Pedagogy (LEAP), 8-9 November 2016, Singapore ...


NOV 12
The theme this year, “Redesigning Learning for Greater Social Impact”, has been carefully selected in recognition of...

Subang Jaya,

NOV 25
Conference Name: 12th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL), 25-26 November 2016, Mauriti...


March 2017

MAR 15
The 5th International Problem-Based Learning Symposium 2017 (5th IPBLS2017) focuses on the emergent challenges and oppor...

Republic Polytechnic,

May 2017

Got difficult students? We've got your solutions. The Breakthrough Strategies Classroom Management Solutions Conferenc...

United States

August 2017

AUG 11
We invite interested students, researchers and faculty to participate and present papers in this conference. Select pape...


October 2017

OCT 12
This conference delivers hundreds of innovative mental health, social and behavioral intervention strategies for ADD, ...

United States

March 2018

MAR 22
The Call for Papers, within the New Perspective in Science Education Conference, is addressed to teachers, researchers a...


June 2018

The Faculty of Education of the University of Malta, Malta Educational Research Association (MERA), and the Euro-Mediter...


JUN 25
Call for Submissions: Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2018)! Apologies for cross-postings. Kind...


October 2018

OCT 25
2nd International Conference Europe Middle East & North Africa Information Systems and Technologies to support Learning ...



Research, Teaching and Learning

Pedagogy and Practice in the Open and Distance Learning Paradigm

by Polly Kobeleva and Luke Strongman


Research, Teaching and Learning presents ten essays which explore key factors in effective research teaching and learning practices, provide guidance for their implementation, and describe their benefits to academics and students in the Open and Distance Learning environment. The authors have written this book for the student, the academic and the organisation in the Open and Distance Learning paradigm, from a New Zealand and international perspective. This book provides a framework for the development and application of research, teaching, and learning for the academic within faculty and for managers of open and distance learning tertiary organisations.

Global Practices of Language Teaching

Proceedings of the 2008 International Online Language Conference (IOLC 2008)

by Azadeh Shafaei and Mehran Nejati (Eds.)


The first International Online Language Conference was successfully held in September 2008. This event invited professors, Masters and Ph.D. students, and academicians from around the world to submit papers in areas related to the conference theme. The event was organized by International Online Knowledge Service Provider (IOKSP). The main conference objectives were as follows: to provide a platform for language educators, academicians, and researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas and the best practices for effective language teaching and learning; to promote better understanding of cultural diversity in language learning; to encourage language educators to be involved in the research process in order to achieve comprehensive excellence; and to produce a collection...

Geographical Knowledge Construction and Production

Teacher and Student Perspectives

by Archie K. Deen


Geographical Knowledge Construction and Production: Teacher and Student Perspectives is a readable and illuminating account of three high school classrooms in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. It challenges the narrow focus of the Advanced Placement (AP) programme as a tool for admission into colleges and universities in the United States. The research provides insight into the College Board's AP programme and argues for teaching and learning that is transformative and geared toward equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to confront the challenges of the 21st century. In particular, it advocates for geographic education that is anchored in the structure of the subject, teasing wherever possible, the contradictions and tensions embedded in the complexities of facts relating to ...

by Maria Mercedes T. Rodrigo


Both public and private schools in the Philippines are using information technology (IT) as a tool to improve teaching and learning. While both government and private sector initiatives indicate national commitment to IT in education, there is little up-to-date information on how extensively the Philippines are using computers and for what purposes. The researcher s goals were to determine the extent to which Metro Manila public and private schools used IT and to determine how these results compared with analogous data on schools in other developing and developed countries. The researcher gathered data with mail-in questionnaires adapted from the International Assoc...

Everything Moon

A Teacher Guide and Activities for Teaching and Learning about the Moon

by Rosemary A. Millham


Whether you are simply curious about our mysterious neighbor—the Moon—or a teacher looking for ways to teach concepts about the Moon without misconceptions, Everything Moon is the non-technical, comprehensive guide you are seeking. From theories on the origin of the Moon, to phases, tides, eclipses, geology, past, current, and future missions, to the Apollo Program, Everything Moon guides you through the science and history you need to understand the Moon and includes creative, engaging investigations to develop important concepts. Written with teachers and students in mind, Everything Moon is a book for anyone who has ever asked themselves questions about our view of the Moon: what causes the same face of the Moon to face Earth every day; is there really a dark side of the Moon; w...