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October 2016

OCT 13
GSSC 2016 is a non-profit organization to provide opportunities to researchers to share and discuss their ideas in all a...


OCT 28
The Alienation of Man in Culture, Society and Politics International Conference 28 October 2016 – Warsaw, Poland ...


OCT 31
"Stan Rzeczy" (State of Affairs) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, published by the Institute of Sociology ...

November 2016

Conference Name: 7th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH), 7-8 November 2016, Singapore Co...


December 2016

12th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH), 05-06 Dec 2016, Kuala Lumpur Conference Dates: ...

Kuala Lumpur,

DEC 11
The First International Conference on Women and Urban Life (WUL) 11-12 December 2016 Dear Colleague / Professor I...

tehran ,

January 2017

International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS) is a double blind peer-reviewed, quarterly, ...

United States

February 2017

FEB 18
10th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH), 18-19 Feb 2017, Dubai Conference Dates: 18-19 ...

United Arab Emirates

July 2017

JUL 27
“Advances in collaborative research for Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities” The conference will co...

Osaka, Japan,

September 2017

SEP 21
CFP: How do we remember and represent our migration experiences? Who is involved in these processes? How does histor...


October 2017

OCT 12
You are hereby cordially invited to submit your research manuscripts/case studies in all areas of research in business s...

Arusha City,
Tanzania, United Republic

November 2017

Organized by Higher Education Forum (HEF), Asia-Pacific Social Science Conference (APSSC) is an international platform f...


NOV 16
All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by independent reviewers. Best papers will be accepted for o...

Sri Lanka

March 2018

MAR 17
The multidisciplinary research is commonly seen in academia as having the potential for most innovative projects and cut...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

April 2018

We invite academicians, researchers, and practitioners to submit research articles for April 2018 Issue (Volume 3; Issue...

June 2018

In the time when human rights are violated on a regular basis, violence triumphs, and feeble democracies ever more often...


July 2018

JUL 13
Aigne seeks reports on recent academic events and conferences. Potential contributors are invited to contact the Repor...


August 2018

The 4th International Symposium on Engineering and Applied Science (ISEAS) is an international platform for scholars, re...


October 2018

Izmir Democracy University organises the 1st International Conference on Critical Debates in Social Sciences (ICCDSS) to...


OCT 13
The conference seeks to explore the narratives of displacement and to demonstrate the validity of a cross-disciplinary a...

United Kingdom

November 2018

NOV 25
Submission Deadline: November 25, 2018 Brolly. Journal of Social Sciences (Vol. 1, No. 3, December 2018) London Acad...

United Kingdom

January 2019

International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (ISBASS 2019) is an international platform for scholars, researc...

Taiwan, Province Of China

May 2019

MAY 24
Please submit your manuscripts/case studies/ posters in any of the areas/topics indicated below: Topics! Global Busine...

Las Vegas,
United States

July 2019

JUL 25
Call for papers: BROLLY. Journal of Social Sciences (London, UK) London Academic Publishing, UK Vol. 2, No. 2, Augus...

United Kingdom

August 2019

The upcoming conference aims to bring together academicians, researchers, industry experts and scholars from different p...

Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

September 2019

SEP 11
Institute of Psychology (University of Wrocław, Poland) and Foundation Pro Scientia Publica are pleased to invite you ...


SEP 23
This year's Lucerne Master Class will take place September 23rd to 27th, 2019 with Prof. Dr. Eva Illouz (Hebrew Universi...


November 2019

The ANPOR Annual Conference in 2019, Power of Public Opinion and Multicultural Communication toward Global Transformatio...

Chiang Mai,

December 2019

DEC 26
Environmental awareness has gradually increased over the years, as more and more people choose to shop, consume and live...


January 2020

JAN 20
Asia-Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science (APCBSS) is an international platform for scholars, researchers and...


JAN 20
Conference Theme: SMART CITY Smart Cities will be bringing human society new economic benefits and delicate lifestyle...


February 2020

FEB 18
Recently, the themes of migration and integration have been especially topical in Europe and in other parts of the world...


March 2020

MAR 24
2020 International Conference on Business and Social Science takes great pleasure in welcoming you to Osaka, Japan under...


April 2020

APR 20
Call for papers: BROLLY. Journal of Social Sciences London Academic Publishing, UK Vol. 3, No. 1, April 2020 Exten...

United Kingdom

June 2020

JUN 24
11th International Conference of Political Economy (ICOPEC 2020) scheduled to be held on 24th – 26th June 2020 at Marm...


JUN 29
General Call of the Conference: Equality and difference are dilemmatic dimensions of contemporary times. The incre...


July 2020

JUL 17
The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: 1.Education Science 2.Management Science 3.So...


September 2020

SEP 14
In order to provide exclusive information and updates on the latest innovations, advancements and insights from leading ...


October 2020

The Organizing Committee has decided to launch the 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Arts 2020 after c...

Bangkok, Thailand,

OCT 10
15th International Silk Road Conference will be organized in Tbilisi, Georgia, October 9-10, 2020. Gathering of top prof...


November 2020

IMMCESS 2020 Singapore The importance of knowledge creation and sharing are well understood in the knowledge society....

Victoria Street,

December 2020

The International Scientific Conference SWS Vienna ART 2020 is organized as an extended session of the SWS International...


DEC 10
CFP (Extended Deadline): BROLLY. Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 3, No. 3 (December 2020) London Academic Publishing, ...

United Kingdom

March 2021

The 3rd International Conference on Future of Social Sciences (ICFSS), 5-7 March, 2021 in Berlin, Germany, is the premie...


April 2021

APR 16
Accepted and presented papers will be published into the ACM conference proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-8948-8), which wil...


APR 18
The workshop is designed for students, young scholars and independent researchers who would like to improve their academ...

United Kingdom

APR 20
#CFP (Extended Deadline): BROLLY. Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 4, No. 1 (April 2021) London Academic Publishing, UK...

United Kingdom

APR 26
Lucerne Master Classes offer doctoral students from Switzerland and from abroad an intensive exchange with international...


May 2021

The 4th International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, happening on the 7th– 9th May 2021, Mi...


MAY 28
For excellent papers accepted by ICSSH 2021, we offer publication as follow: *International Journal of Social Science a...


June 2021

JUN 18
The 5th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences is a must-attend event for the academic comm...


August 2021

AUG 31
We invite you to submit abstracts - Online conference ESPAnet 2021 Stream: "Citizen science and social innovation: Oppo...


September 2021

SEP 10
The conference aims to provide an opportunity for experts, academics, engineers, and technology developers in education ...


SEP 17
Welcome to The 4th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences (ICFSS) Conference, which will be held on Septe...


October 2021

Contemporary Issues in Business And Social Sciences Research The 12th Global Conference on Business and Social Scienc...

kuala lumpur,

OCT 22
We are pleased to welcome you to the 9th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities. Taking place on the ...


OCT 29
The conference will take place on Friday, 29 octomber, 9 a.m., 2021, AULA MAGNA – Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch, Avenu...


November 2021

NOV 26
The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences (ICARSS) invites members of academia, scholars,...

United Kingdom

February 2022

FEB 18


FEB 25
Having successfully launched the fourth edition of the ICARSH conference, we are happy to announce that the 5th Internat...


FEB 26
The conference seeks to explore the past and current status of gender identity around the world, to examine the ways in ...

United Kingdom

March 2022

MAR 17
Hello everyone, I would like to share with you the following event that might interest some members of this group: Ca...


April 2022

5th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences is a leading conference in politics, humanities, communicati...


May 2022

MAY 20
Publication Information: Journal Publication Accepted and registered papers of ICSSH 2022 will be published in the f...


June 2022

JUN 10
Have you signed up to join the 4th World Conference on Social Sciences on the 10-12 of June 2022 in Oxford, UK? If you h...

United Kingdom

JUN 17
Following the success of the 5th edition of the event, we are proud to announce that the International Conference on Soc...


July 2022

One of the most spectacular cities in Europe, Munich, Germany, will be the host of the 5th edition of the International ...


Welcome to the 5th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences (ICMHS). Taking place o...

Zurich, Switzerland,

JUL 19
The SOAS GLOCAL COMELA 2022 (SCOPUS / ISI indexed), The GLOCAL Conference on Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthr...


October 2022

OCT 19
The SOAS GLOCAL AFALA 2022, The GLOCAL Assembly on African Linguistic Anthropology 2022, invites work on the linguistic ...


November 2022

The (SCOPUS/ISI) SOAS GLOCAL Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology 2022. Dates: November 2-5, 2022. Locations:...

Quezon City,


The Making of Migrant Entrepreneurs

Social Dynamics of Migrant Self-Employment with a Case Study of Peruvian Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

by Dominic Zimmermann


Given the diversification of global migration patterns, the increased importance attributed to knowledge and innovation for economic development, and the rise of social policy regimes that emphasise self-responsibility, migrant entrepreneurship has become a widely discussed form of migrant incorporation in both policy and social sciences. Particularly in North America and Europe, policy advisors have drafted special programmes and regulations aimed at self-employed migrants, while social scientists have also come up with a vast body of research, although it has not been exempt from certain controversies and biases. Migrant entrepreneurship has frequently been associated either with rags-to-riches success stories or with unremunerative hard work and marginalised social positions. Also, a gr...

Sexual Interactions

The Social Construction of Atypical Sexual Behaviors

by Andreas G. Philaretou, Constantinos N. Phellas, & Stavros S. Karayanni


This book provides an exploratory investigation into the world of atypical sexual variations and interactions, in particular, the intersections of homosexuality and ethnicity, sexual addiction and codependency, sex work and cabaret patronage, and Cybersex addiction. It deals primarily with the intrapersonal, interpersonal, historical, social, and cultural manifestations of such atypical interactions and their social construction as atypical behaviors. This book is primarily intended for graduate, and upper level undergraduate, students in psychology, sociology, family studies, and social sciences. Upon reading the book, readers will come to an understanding of how homosexuality, codependency, sex work, and Cybersex (Internet pornography) come to affect our emotional, psychological, sexu...

Into Complexity

A Pattern-oriented Approach to Stakeholder Communications

by Cornelis Pieters


The NWO-programme "the societal aspects of genomics", has called for stronger means of collaboration and deliberative involvement between the various stakeholders of genomics research. Within the project group assembled at the UH, this call was translated to the 'lingua democratica', in which the prerequisites of such deliberative efforts were put to scrutiny. The contribution of this thesis has taken a more or less abstract angle to this task, and sought to develop a vocabulary that can be shared amongst various stakeholders with different backgrounds, interests and stakes for any complex theme, although genomics has more or less been in focus throughout the research. As 'complexity thinking' is currently a theme in both the 'hard' sciences as the social sciences and the humanities, and ...

Crime and Punishment in Twentieth Century Ireland

Volume 2: A Description of The Criminal Justice System, 1950-1980

by Seamus Breathnach


This book was written as part of a much wider criminological enterprise, designed at creating a real and critical basis for criminological enquiry in Ireland. Properly understood the Criminal Justice System (CJS) is every bit as important to society as the circular flow of money. No government would dream of conducting its business without the advice of an economist or, indeed, providing an econometric model of the economy. Yet when it comes to the CJS, governments take the opposite view and legislate in the dark, hardly reconnoitering for a moment to see what effect proposed legislation will have on the several institutions it invariably affects. Maybe this was okay when those effects could not be calculated. But such is no longer the case. In 1967 a President’s Co...

by Bethel G.A. Erastus-Obilo


Lay participation in the criminal justice process in the form of a jury is a celebrated phenomenon throughout the common law jurisdictions. While not claiming credit for its origin, England, as the latent cradle of the modern jury, disseminated this mode of trial to a great part of the world through colonization. Yet, trial by jury does not enjoy constitutional protection under English law. The system has been under severe criticism, curtailment and considerable pressure in recent times, perhaps far more than in other countries. Critics have demanded reform or outright abolition and supporters have opposed the demands just as vehemently and any reform achieved has been piecemeal and reluctant. The furore has helped to galvanise robust and extensive intellectual debate on the subject. It ha...

The Cross, the Plow and the Skyline

Contemporary Science Fiction and the Ecological Imagination

by Ernest J. Yanarella


The apocalyptic, pastoral, and urban traditions have fundamentally shaped Western history and influenced American religion, culture, and politics. This book argues that these traditions have not only been decisive in giving form and substance to classic and modern American literature, but have been appropriated by contemporary science fiction. As a loosely connected set of cultural narratives, the Cross, the Plow, and the Skyline have through the medium of science fiction provided a bold vista on the future grounded in an emergent ecological imagination. This challenging vision, the author claims, may yet settle into the New Millennium's cultural consciousness and inform an ecological politics dedicated to confronting the nation's and the world's social and environmental problems. T...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Remaking Reality - Eroding the Palimpsest - Volume 10, 2007-2008

by Jill Kriegel and Emmanuel Alvarado, et al.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword EMMANUEL ALVARADO Artist’s Commentary CYNTHIA ZAITZ Indelible Ink of the Palimpsest: Language, Myth and Narrative in H.D.’s Trilogy MICHELE BRAUN Mary-ing Isis and Mary Magdalene in “The Flowering of the Rod”: Revisioning and Healing Through Female-Centered Spirituality in H.D.’s Trilogy JULIE GOODSPEED-CHADWICK Rethinking the Maya: Understanding an Ancient Language in Modern Linguistic Terms RHIANNA C. ROGERS Monarch of All I Can Sway: “Crusoeing” Alongside Oscar Wilde’s “The Decay of Lying” VAL CZERNY Mina Loy’s Design Flaws COLBEY EMMERSON REID Form and Function in the Social Perception and Appreciation of Web Sites EMMANUEL ALVARADO In Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things: An Introduc...

Psychology Gone Wrong

The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy

by Tomasz Witkowski & Maciej Zatonski


Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy explores the dark sides of psychology, the science that penetrates almost every area of our lives. It must be read by everyone who has an interest in psychology, by all those who are studying or intend to study psychology, and by present and potential clients of psychotherapists. This book will tell you which parts of psychology are supported by scientific evidence, and which parts are simply castles built on sand. This is the first book which comprehensively covers all mistakes, frauds and abuses of academic psychology, psychotherapy, and psycho-business. The second volume was published under the title Psychology Led Astray Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy, also released by BrownWalker Press. IN THE NEWS See Chronicle of H...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Performing Culture - Volume 8, 2005-2006

by Ilaria Serra, Marcella Munson, eds.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword ILARIA SERRA and MARCELLA MUNSON An Interview with Filmmaker Nancy Savoca ILARIA SERRA Creating Difference: Language Use in Interracial Cop Movies ARYN BARTLEY Here’s to Plain Speaking: The Condition(s) of Knowing and Being in Film Noir JOANNE TAYLOR Performance and the Power of Redefinition in The Vagina Monologues MICHAEL MODARELLI Performing Gertrude Stein: Faith Ringgold’s Signification on Primitivism in The French Collection LESLIE ATKINS DURHAM The editors of the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies literary journal invite submissions on any topic for upcoming issues. FACS is an interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for comparative study in the arts, humanities, language, culture and social sciences. Past topics have inclu...

Finding the Real Odds

Attrition and Time-to-Degree in the FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

by Robert C. Lightfoot


Attrition and time-to-degree issues remain poorly understood in academia, and almost completely unexplored in criminology and criminal justice. Loss rates of fifty percent or more are common in the social sciences, while the success rates for criminal justice are unknown for most schools. This study attempts to investigate completion levels at the Florida State University (FSU) College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, using descriptive and inferential techniques, survival analysis, and questionnaires. Problems with data collection impeded analysis of even basic statistical operations, resulting in the exclusion of some independent variables due to unavailability of readily obtainable information. Both the Master's and Ph.D. programs had similar attrition rates, with nearly two-thirds o...

Networks of Design

Proceedings of the 2008 Annual International Conference of the Design History Society (UK) University College Falmouth, 3-6 September

by Fiona Hackney, Jonathan Glynne, & Viv Minton (eds.)


Networks of Design maps a new methodological territory in design studies, conceived as a field of interdisciplinary inquiry and practice informed by a range of responses to actor network theory. It brings together a rich body of current work by researchers in the social sciences, technology, material culture, cultural geography, information technology, and systems design, and design theory and history. This collection will be invaluable to students and researchers in many areas of design studies and to design practitioners receptive to new and challenging notions of what constitutes the design process. Over ninety essays are thematically organised to address five aspects of the expanded notions of mediation, agency, and collaboration posited by network theory: Ideas, Things, Technology,...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Catastrophe and Representation - Volume 9, 2006-2007

by Peggy Schaller, et al.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword PEGGY SCHALLER Saisir le désordre: Expressions littéraires de la catastrophe; modalités et enjeux de sa verbalisation AMINA TAHRI The Lesson of the Titanic BREE HOSKIN Places That Disaster Leave Behind BRUCE JANZ Nuclear Families and Nuclear Catastrophe in Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) PAUL WILLIAMS Personal History, Collective History: Mapping Shock and the Work of Analogy AMANDA IRWIN WILKINS It’s What Isn’t There That Is: Catastrophe, Denial, and Non-Representation in Arshile Gorky’s Art KIM THERIAULT The editors of the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies literary journal invite submissions on any topic for upcoming issues. FACS is an interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for comparative study in the arts, humani...