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September 2019

Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities is an international conference that takes place every two years, in diff...


SEP 26
According to National Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government of Malaysia statistics, it was revealed ...

Kuala Lumpur,

October 2019

Recycling 2019 would gather renowned researchers, scientists, professors, industrialist, business associates from all ar...


November 2020

NOV 18
Closing The Loop on The Global E-Waste Challenge Advanced Technologies, Recycling Systems, Strategies, & Sustainable ...


December 2021

If there is one event in the world of the Earth & Planetary sciences, that you would not like to miss – this is SGEM V...


March 2024

MAR 28
The Recycling and waste management conference 2024 will feature a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and wor...



by Armando M. Aceituno


Learning English can be fun. Learning how to use English correctly can be fun as well. This book has that purpose in mind: to turn the EFL or ESL classroom into a place where learning takes place through fun activities which accomplish their objective: fluency in spoken and written English. By having students use Business English and Conversation in class, the teacher will make them develop the four skills which are essential when learning another language: Listening Speaking Reading Writing To help the teacher lead his or her students towards attaining such fluency, the book contains hundreds of exercises of all kinds, including some which are optional. It also contains varied samples and recycling of all material. In an ideal EFL-ESL situation, the teacher will adapt the book t...

by John A. Bloxham


This thesis examines the reception of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War in US foreign policy debates since the end of the Cold War. It begins with a background survey of Thucydides' use in foreign policy debates up to and during the Cold War, primarily by the realist school of international relations, and the comparisons which were drawn between the Cold War and the Peloponnesian War. After the Cold War, these comparisons became less relevant to current debates, and critics of realism began to use Thucydides to support their own theories. The emphasis is on how the three key movements since the Cold War, realism, liberal internationalism and neoconservatism, have each seen aspects in Thucydides' writing to admire and utilise for their theories, at the same time building competin...

Agroecosystems of South India

Nutrient Dynamics, Ecology and Productivity

by K.R. Krishna


Agroecosystems of South India is a unique treatise that deals with the relevance of natural resources, genetic stocks, fertilizers, and agronomic practices on the productivity of agroecoregions. Within the context of this book, an agroecosystem has been defined as a conglomerate of small cropping zones, which may be mono-cropping expanses or intercrops that occur in various geographic regions of South India. South India abounds with several such agroecosystems that encompass field crops, vegetables, cash crops, plantations, and forest species. However, the main emphasis within this volume is restricted to agroecosystems that include major cereals, legumes, and oil seed crops. There are 10 chapters in this volume. The first, on historical aspects, traces important events related to domest...