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April 2017

APR 12
Overview: If your design and manufacturing resources are spending too much time on documentation and not enough time on...

United States

APR 13
Overview: This webinar will explain the procedure described in ISO62366 and the 2016 FDA Guidance for a compliant hum...

United States

APR 18
Overview: In this presentation will cover the requirement for management review from FDA cGMP and ISO 13485 and appro...

United States

May 2017

Overview: A lack of adequate control over purchases has resulted in a significant number of recalls due to component fa...

United States

Overview: You will hear about the opportunities for input from regulatory agencies at critical stages and on key promot...

United States

Overview: This course explores the deviation and CAPA processes and best practices for both. It shows how to avoid pitf...

United States

November 2017

CFP MobiQuitous 2017, Melbourne, November 6-9, 2017 The fourteenth Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiq...

September 2020

Golden Center for Research and Innovation (GoldenCRI) invites participants to Washington strategic leadership conference...

United States

March 2021

MAR 27
7th International Conference on Software Engineering (SEC 2021) March 27 ~ 28, 2021, Sydney, Australia https://cos...


May 2021

MAY 19
Analytical instruments and computerised systems operating in regulated laboratories must be fit for intended use. This ...


November 2021

NOV 10
Object The 18th Conference on the Quality of Education (CIMQUSEF'18) aims to determine the obstacles and levers of acad...

January 2022

JAN 22
8th International Conference on Software Engineering (SOFE 2022) January 22 ~ 23, 2022, Zurich, Switzerland https:...

Zurich, Switzerland,


Is Total Quality Management Enough For Competitive Advantage?

Realities in Organizations Implementing Change Initiatives: with Examples from the United States and the Developing World

by Jamal K. Al-Dabal


TQM gurus and consultants market it as the best change initiative that provides organizations with a competitive advantage. They also say that it is a cure for all problems that companies face. This dissertation provides intellectual and factual data showing that this is not always the case. There are areas where TQM provides a needed change initiative along with others. In addition, once most companies treat improving their processes as a priority, TQM ceases to give a competitive advantage since it becomes a basic entry point into the competition. The dissertation gives examples showing that contrary to what the consultants propagate: 1. It is not a panacea for all problems in organizations and that it fits all types of organizations, 2. It is not the only way to give organizations a ...