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March 2021

MAR 27
2nd International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning (NLPML 2021) March 27 ~ 28, 2021, Sydn...


October 2021

OCT 29
International Conference on Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning (BIOM 2021) October 29 ~ 30, 2021, Vienna, Austria https...


December 2021

DEC 17
Publication: Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be submitted f...


January 2022

JAN 22
8th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (NATP 2022) January 22 ~ 23, 2022, Zurich, Switzerland ...



A Model for the Linguistic Specification and the Computational Management of Man-Machine Dialogues Following Commands Issued in Spoken Natural Language

Un modelo para la especificación lingüística y la gestión computacional de diálogos hombre-máquina mediante instrucciones expresadas en lenguaje natural

by Gabriela Fernández-Díaz


This thesis dissertation, written in Spanish, presents a new model for the linguistic specification and the computational management of man-machine dialogues following commands issued in spoken natural language. Our aim is to design and implement a conversational system for the automatic telephone task scenario, namely Delfos. Voice dialing represents a current trend in research, the purpose of which is to provide functional systems for products ranging from domestic appliances such as a video or a washing machine to more sophisticated environments such as a complete house, with an interface in spoken natural language. Our system, Delfos, represents a challenge for the fields of Language Engineering and Computational Linguistics as it implies the integration of different technologies such...