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January 2019

JAN 29
The 4th World Congress on Disaster Management (WCDM-2019) is being organised in Mumbai during 29th January - 1st Februar...



Visualizing the Invisible

Application of Knowledge Domain Visualization to the Longstanding Problem of Disciplinary and Professional Conceptualization in Emergency and Disaster Management

by Joseph G. Martin III


The status of emergency and disaster management (EDM) as an academic and professional discipline remains one of the field’s lingering, unresolved questions. A majority of the literature appears to support the claim that emergency management either is, or is in the process of becoming, a recognized academic and professional discipline. The claim’s key belief is that the field possesses a unique body of knowledge, an essential conceptual requirement for disciplinary status. This thesis examines the concept of professional/academic disciplines, as it relates to bodies of knowledge, and more specifically, the EDM body of knowledge. The technique of knowledge domain visualization (KDViz) using co-citation analysis is discussed. Analysis and visualization of the disaster literature is conduc...

by Alcides Melendez-Velez


Emergency and disaster response teams utilize information technology (IT) systems heavily to get up-to-the-minute information that will help them do their jobs effectively and safely. The use of new communication and information technologies not only allows for better exchange of information among organizations, but can also improve both disaster response operations and disaster prevention efforts. Researchers in the field of IT are frequently puzzled by the difficult task of making the connection between the use of information systems (IS) and how these systems impact organizational performance or individual performance performing the rescue task in the field of emergency management. The purpose of this quantitative research was to analyze the theory of task-technology fit as it is applie...