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April 2020

APR 30
OVERVIEW Employers are facing unexpected and demanding challenges as they navigate the health precautions and governmen...

United States

June 2020

JUN 25
We would like to invite to join us to share your recent research at our Healthcare Management-2020 Webinar on June 25-27...


August 2020

OVERVIEW The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenging wage and hour questions for employers. The federal Fair Labor ...

United States

AUG 27
There is a lot of confusion around what will happen to individuals, what this new enemy is that has suddenly appeared in...

December 2020

In the past year, we have witnessed trends of global transformation across industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ...


DEC 31
In collaboration with the Open Access journals of Frontiers ( we are bringing together a selected gr...


February 2021

The conference aims to provide a platform for academics and professionals to present and discuss their work concerning s...

Bangkok, Thailand,

July 2021

JUL 15
This is Where Inspiring Conversation Meets World-Class Education. This year, we're offering four opportunities to att...

United States

JUL 15
The scientific journal “Public Policy Studies” ( published at the Collegium of Socio-Economic...


October 2021

OCT 30
The scientific journal “Studia z Polityki Publicznej / Public Policy Studies” ( published at ...



The Wealth from Health Playbook

The Dramatic Path Forward in Healthcare Spawned by the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Douglas Ratner, MD with Susan Walsh, MD, FACP


Two working physicians with a team of multigenerational, multidisciplinary and rising thought leaders created a system, Wealth from Health, to take an honest, unfiltered look at American healthcare. Rather than beginning from an institutional perspective, the team started from the premise of patients and families best understanding their needs and wants and then designing systems that champion access and health. Step by step instructions allow anyone with a vision to create true value: cost effectiveness merged with high quality of care. Far from theoretical about what might work, or capturing the low hanging fruit of better workflows, this book is an eminently practical guide with reproducible examples and stories from the authors’ decades on the frontline of American medicine. When Co...

Patients at Risk

The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare

by Niran Al-Agba, M.D. and Rebekah Bernard, M.D.


Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare exposes a vast conspiracy of political maneuvering and corporate greed that has led to the replacement of qualified medical professionals by lesser trained practitioners. As corporations seek to save money and government agencies aim to increase constituent access, minimum qualifications for the guardians of our nation’s healthcare continue to decline—with deadly consequences. This is a story that has not yet been told, and one that has dangerous repercussions for all Americans. With the rate of nurse practitioner and physician assistant graduates exceeding that of physician graduates, if you are not already being treated by a non-physician, chances are, you soon will be. While advocates for the...

Engineering for Sustainable Development and Living

Preserving a Future for the Next Generation to Cherish

by Jacqueline A. Stagner & David S-K. Ting (editors)


What can we do to preserve a future for the next generation to cherish? A potent answer is to exercise good stewardship in realizing more sustainable living and development. This volume brings together experts from around the world to disseminate the latest knowledge and research toward this end, i.e., engineering for more sustainable development and living. Let us learn from a living cell that utilizes inherited biological intelligence to organize its resources for current needs and future existence. We also have the responsibility to ensure universal access to electricity and increase the share of renewable energies. Cost effective hybrid renewable energy systems should also be considered and furthered. Advancing energy storage is a necessary striving for managing a future "toilet paper ...

Intermediate Medical Spanish

A Healthcare Workers’ Guide for Communicating With the Latino Patient

by Diana Galarreta-Aima, Gabriela Segal, Diana Ruggiero


This is an intermediate/advanced level textbook directed toward students who are interested in learning the necessary medical terminology and cultural sensitivity to successfully care for the U.S. Spanish-speaking community in medical contexts. This textbook is divided into 13 chapters that include medical vocabulary, dialogues between medical professionals and patients, case studies, readings on health issues that affect the Latino community, readings to deepen students’ cultural competence while working with Latino patients, and interactive and realistic activities to provide students the tools they need to effectively care for this population. This textbook is unique in the market in its cultural perspective focused on the diversity and complexity of the Latino community living in ...