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April 2020

APR 18
All Selected papers will be published as chapters in edited book and few high-end papers will be published in internat...

South Delhi,

December 2020

DEC 17
The virtual conference ALAPS 2020 will be organized by CARAMS, MAHE, in honor of a great Indian Statistician Professor C...


January 2021

The aims of this conference is to provide a platform for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the unive...


July 2021

JUL 16
The 6th Int'l Conference on Remote Sensing Technologies and Applications (ICRSTA 2021) Conference Date: July 16-18, 202...

Kunming, China,

August 2021

The 3rd International Conference on Statistics: Theory and Applications (ICSTA’21) aims to become the leading annual c...

Czech Republic


A Brief Course in Linear Algebra

Matrices and Matrix Equations for Undergraduate Students in Applied Mathematics, Science and Engineering

by Whye-Teong Ang


This book contains a brief course in elementary linear algebra with emphasis on solving systems of linear algebraic and ordinary differential equations. It is written for undergraduate students in the disciplines of applied mathematics, science and engineering. Topics covered include basics of matrices and vectors, systems of linear algebraic equations, matrix inverse, matrix determinant, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, matrix diagonalization, and systems of first order linear ordinary differential equations. The connections between the topics are carefully elucidated. Derivations or proofs are given in detail for all the main results in the book. Basic knowledge of the arithmetic of complex numbers and exposure to elementary functions and calculus are assumed. Problems are set at the end of...

Ordinary Differential Equations

Methods and Applications

by W. T. Ang and Y. S. Park


This introductory course in ordinary differential equations, intended for junior undergraduate students in applied mathematics, science and engineering, focuses on methods of solution and applications rather than theoretical analyses. Applications drawn mainly from dynamics, population biology and electric circuit theory are used to show how ordinary differential equations appear in the formulation of problems in science and engineering. The calculus required to comprehend this course is rather elementary, involving differentiation, integration and power series representation of only real functions of one variable. A basic knowledge of complex numbers and their arithmetic is also assumed, so that elementary complex functions which can be used for working out easily the general solutions of...