Journal of Trafficking, Organized Crime and Security

This peer-reviewed Journal acts as an international arbiter, bringing different key informants together and works as a clearinghouse of knowledge and information in the realm of trafficking and global crime.

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The academics should be leading the charge in informing policy makers and government leaders in the areas of trafficking and crime. As a result, much has been discussed on the subject, but there is an immediate call for more empirical and action research on ‘trafficking and its relationship to the broader subjects of organized crime and human security’. Trafficking has all the characteristics of a complex system, characterized by emergent behavior, network relationships, high degree of resilience, and a remarkable degree of adaptability in response to law enforcement efforts to disrupt this form of criminal network. For any government to respond more effectively and conduct counter-network and counter-market strategy, an equivalent or similar system is needed. The limits of governmental abilities, both in general and specifically in relation to combating trafficking, must also be scrutinized by the researchers. Networks involved in trafficking are difficult to combat, especially because they operate within a dynamic market characterized not only by an increasing demand for forced labor and commercial sex but also a ready supply of trafficking victims. Nevertheless, the necessity of launching a journal which exclusively delves into different forms of trafficking and organized crime is long overdue.


Founding Lead Editor
Siddhartha Sarkar, PhD, PDF (The Netherlands), CAF (London)
Commonwealth Academic Fellow, SOAS, University of London, UK
A.C.College of Commerce, India

Associate Editors
Catherine A. Hawkins, Texas State University, USA
Charles Anthony Smith, University of California-Irvine, USA
Edward Newman, University of Leeds, UK
Elizabeth Talbot, Concordia University-Wisconsin, USA
Hannah E. Britton, University of Kansas, USA
Jacquelyn C.A. Meshelemiah, The Ohio State University, USA
Timothy C. Lim, California State University, USA

Executive Editors
Evi Boukli, Teesside University, UK
Hua-Lun Huang, University of Louisiana, USA
James Windle, University of East London, UK
Jennifer Fleetwood, University of Leicester, UK
Mark Jones, East Carolina University, USA
Nicole Bryan, Montclair State University, USA
Sharon Hayes, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Editorial Members
Abebaw Minaye, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Amber Horning, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA
Amy Farrell, Northeastern University, USA
Andrea Di Nicola, University of Trento, Italy
Anthony Talbott, University of Dayton, USA
Barbara Vettori,Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Biljana Simeunovic-Patic, Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, Serbia
Brenda Oude Breuil, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Carrie N. Baker, Smith College, USA
Chris G. Andrist, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, USA
Christopher Carey, Portland State University, USA
Conny Rijken, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Devrim Aydin, Ankara University, Turkey
Diana Tietjens Meyers, University of Connecticut, USA
Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Arizona State University, USA
Ella Cockbain, University College London, UK
Eva Lo Lacono, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Felicity Amaya Schaeffer, University of California-Santa Cruz, USA
France Houle, University of Montreal, Canada
Francesca Bettio, University of Siena, Italy
Georgi Petrunov, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria
Georgios Papanicolaou, Teesside University, UK
Heather Smith-Cannoy, Lewis and Clark College, USA
Henk Ten Have, Duquesne University, USA
Irma Kovco Vukadin, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jackie Jones, Bristol Law School, UK
John M. Nomikos, University of Indianapolis, Greece
Jonathan Todres, Georgia State University, USA
Karen Countryman-Roswurm, Wichita State University, USA
Kimberly A. McCabe, Lynchburg College, USA
Kiril Sharapov, Central European University, Hungary
Kristin Heffernan, The State University New York College at Brockport, USA
Kristine E. Hickle, University of Sussex, UK
Lauren McCarthy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Lisa R. Muftic, Sam Houston State University, USA
Lynn Holland, University of Denver, USA
Mark E. Rodgers, Marywood University, USA
Mark Ensalaco, University of Dayton, USA
Mark Galeotti, New York University, USA
Maura Busch Nsonwu, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, USA
Mitchel P. Roth, Sam Houston State University, USA
Michelle Beshears, American Public University, USA
Michelle R. Kaufman, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Mondira Dutta, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Monti N. Datta, University of Richmond, USA
Nicole Jackson, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Oguzhan Omer Demir, Turkish National Police Academy, Turkey
Patricia Hynes, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Ron Chepesiuk, Winthrop University, USA
Sarah L. Steele, Queen Mary-University of London, UK
Sasa Poucki, Montclair State University, USA
Satvinder Juss, King’s College London, UK
Seo-Young Cho, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany
Sian Oram, King’s College London, UK
Silvia Scarpa, John Cabot University, Italy
Simon Reich, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey, USA
Susan Mapp, Elizabethtown College, USA
Susanne Lundin, Lund University, Sweden
Tameshnie Deane, University of South Africa, South Africa
Tanya Wyatt, Northumbria University, UK
Thozama Lutya, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Treasa Galvin, University of Botswana, Botswana
Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, Harvard Medical School, USA
Yoon Joon Choi, University of Georgia, USA
Yumi E. Suzuki, Wichita State University, USA
Zbigniew Lasocik, University of Warsaw, Poland

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