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IWMSCE-2016, 3rd International Workshop on Material Science and Chemical Engineering



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  26 Nov 2016 through 27 Nov 2016

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  20 Aug 2016


  Istanbul, Turkey

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  Scientific Cooperations


  Engineering & Technology > Material/Nanotechnology, Engineering & Technology > Chemical

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International Workshop on Material Science and Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed academic event held annually. The workshop is a part of "International Conference on Engineering Sciences" which consists of three separate workshops of different disciplines.
IWMSCE-2016 aims to increase the collaboration among researchers and practitioners with a common interest in Material Science and Chemical Engineering through scientific publications.
All the conference papers will be published in conference proceedings and selected papers will be published on International Journal of Material Science and Chemical Engineering after a second peer revieweing operation.
The scope of the conference is listed but not limited below:
Material Science
Advances In Nano Materials Science
Alloys And Coatings
Applications Of Biomedical Materials
Atomic Molecular And Laser Physics
Battery Materials
Big Data In Materials Science
Bio-Inorganic Nanomaterials
Biomedical Manufacturing
Carbon Nanotubes
Casting And Solidification
Cell Signaling
Chemical Material
Chemical Metrology Of Materials
Coatings And Surface Engineering
Composite Materials
Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, And Engineering
Corrosion, Heat Treatment
Creep Resistant Alloys
Design And Manufacture
Engineering Applications Of Spectroscopy
Environmental And Health Concerns About Nanomaterials
Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes And Systems
Extractive Metallurgy
Fuel Cell Materials
Fundamentals And Challenges In Materials Science
Fundamentals Of Surface Engineering
Green Chemistry
Imaging, Microscopy And Adaptive Optics
Joining Processes
Laser Based Manufacturing
Laser Beam Delivery And Diagnostics
Lasers In Medicine And Biology
Liquid Crystals
Manufacturing Process Planning And Scheduling
Manufacturing Technology Management
Materials Forming
Medical Implants
Meso/Micro Manufacturing Equipment And Processes
Metabolic Control Analysis
Mining And Its Environmental Effects
Modeling, Analysis, And Simulation Of Manufacturing Processes
Molecular Biophysics
Multi Scale And High-Throughput Modeling
Nano Coatings
Nanobiomaterials / Drug Delivery
Nanomaterials And Nanomanufacturing
Neutron Depth Profiling For Chemical Impurities
Nontraditional Manufacturing Photonics
Plasma Physics
Powder Metallurgy And Ceramic Forming
Precision Molding Processes
Rapid Manufacturing Technologies
Rare-Earth Magnets And Their Applications
Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing
Semiconductors Material
Solar Energy Materials
Solid State Ionics (Materials And Devices)
Surface Coating And Modification
Surface, Subsurface, And Interface Phenomena
Synthesis And Characterization
Synthetic Antibodies
Thermoelectric Materials
Thin Films, Ceramics And Glasses
Tissue Engineering Vascular Grafts
Chemical and Polymer Engineering
Adsorbtion Principles And Structure Character Of Porous Mate
Advanced Bioseparation Technologies
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Advanced Materials Processing
Advanced Process Control
Advanced Transport Phenomena
Biochemical Engineering
Biodiversity Conservation
Bio-Drug Discovery
Bioenvironmental Engineering
Biophysical Chemistry
Bioreactors And Bioprocesses (New Applications And Configurations)
Capture, Storage And Use Of CO2
Catalysts Synthesis And Characterization
Catalytic And Multiphase Reactors
Chemical Engineering Educational Challenges And Development
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Clean Energy From Fossil Resources
Coatings And Surface Treatments
Distillation, Absorption And Extraction
Efficiency And New Energy Carriers
Electro-, Photo- And Sono-Chemical Reactors
Emission Control
Energy And Environmental Biotechnology
Energy And Nuclear Sciences
Energy Integration And Optimization
Environmental Engineering & Management
Fine Chemistry
Green Organic Synthesis Routes
Green Polymers From Renewable Resources
Green Solvents: Synthesis, Characterization And Applications
High Pressure And Supercritical Processes
Hybrid And Membrane Processes
Innovation And Separation Processes
Intelligent Materials
Intelligent Polymers
Interfacial Phenomena
Ionic Liquids
Ionic Liquids: New Reaction/Separation Media
Kinetics Of Complex, Multiphase And Hybrid Processes
Macromolecular Science And Engineering
Marine Biochemicals
Material Development
Mathematical Modelling In Chemical Engineering
Membrane Processes
Membrane Science
Microhydrodynamics: Theory And Applications
Modeling Of Bioprocesses
Molecular And Cell Biology
Multifase Flows
Multiscale Modelling
Nanomaterial And Synthesis
Nano-Structured Materials, Catalysts
New Biosynthetic Strategies
New Catalytic Processes
Non-Conventional Energetic Technologies In Chemical Processes
Phase Equilibrium And Phase Transport
Physical Chemistry
Physical, Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
Polymer Structures
Polymerization Reactors
Process Safety
Process System Engineering
Product Engineering And Development
Reactor Technology
Scaling Concepts In Microfluidics
Simulation And Separation Equipment Design
Simulation, Optimization, Planning And Control Of Processes
Structured Systems, Meso And Micro Reactors
Sustainable & Clean Technologies
Sustainable Processes And Products
Synthesis And Design Of Processes
Systems Biotechnology
Petroleum Engineering
Building Pricing Mechanism And Requisite Infrastructure
Ecology And Environmental Technologies
Energy Infrastructure
Environmental Issues
Expanding Oil & Gas Exploration And Production Operations
Fossil Technologies
Geomechanics And Rock Physics
Hydrocarbon Recovery Mechanisms
Identifying And Facilitating Various Renewable Energy Projects
Industry Trends/Competitive Power Generation
International Transportation Projects
Leveraging Regional Energy Resources Through Energy Trade
Mitigating The Environmental Impact Of Energy Use
Oil And Gas Diversification
On-Site Power
Petroleum And Petrochemical Engineering
Plant Performance Issues
Production Chemistry
Providing Energy Security
Regulatory Aspects For Sustainable Alternative Energy Systems
Renewable Energy
Reservoir Description
Reservoir Fluids
Reservoir Geophysics
Solar Energy Product Manufacturers
Strategies For Oil & Gas Sector To Raise Capital
Study On Biomass Energy And Feasibility
The Outlook For Exploration & Production
Uncertainty Quantification
Understanding Of The Opportunities And Risks For Closer Energy Collaboration

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15 June 2016
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