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Global Water Conference 2016 - Sustainable Water & Energy Resources Management Week


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  17 Aug 2016 through 18 Aug 2016


  Yangon, Malaysia

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  Confexhub Group


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The Government of Myanmar along with key stakeholders from the water and energy industries have strategically planned and announced the “Sustainable Energy and Water Resources Management Week” that consists of two flagship conferences, namely, the Global Water Conference 2016 and the 4th Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016 to address the pertinent issues in both water and energy sectors of the country. Today, Myanmar’s water industry is still facing many issues and challenges. Water services do not reach a large proportion of the population. Only an estimated 40%-50% of the population in Yangon is served by a municipal piped water system, while there is no piped supply provision for most of the highly populated resettlement areas, informal settlements, and slums or squatter areas. Nonrevenue water accounts for at least 40% or higher due to old piping network system with low water pressures. In the absence of a working sewerage system, the drainage system acts as a de facto open sewer. Raw sewage and septic tank effluent flow through the roadside drains creates direct public health risk, with stagnant wastewater serving as breeding places for mosquitoes and other sources of disease. It is in this context that Myanmar’s water supply needs urgent improvements on system capacity, water quality, and water network coverage. A well-functioning network of interconnected drains, designed with appropriate slopes and discharging to a safe disposal area is essential. Effective storm water drainage systems should form the basis of urban environmental infrastructure. Themed “Sustainable Water: The Keystone for Economy, Health and Security”, GWC 2016 is designed to facilitate the implementation of the water management policies and encouraging collaborations between those working on water resource management and water technology, and those working on environmental, public health, economic growth and other issues. This is also an unparalleled platform to get updated on the latest market trend and explore investment opportunities in Asia’s last frontier – Myanmar. Alongside the conferences is a 4-day International Exhibition showcasing practical and sustainable water and energy solutions; cater for the needs of the water and wastewater industry, and the needs for electrification covering energy and renewable energies including the hydropower industry under one roof. In this respect, the “Sustainable Energy and Water Resources Management Week” has been earmarked as one of the impetuses to assist the government in promoting the water and energy agendas, where the national and regional publicity and marketing campaigns are been implemented to intensify foreign and local participations. Participating local and foreign media have assured technology and brand exposure for companies attending the conference and exposition. Kindly contact Mr.Jason Choong, +60327711668, or log on to for more information.

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20 April 2016
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