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Special Issue on Standardization in SDN and NFV - Computer Standards & Interfaces


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  31 Mar 2016 through 31 Mar 2016

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  31 Mar 2016



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Software Defined Networks (SDN) is a new approach to manage network services by decoupling the data and control planes and providing an open interface between them able to support programmability. In parallel, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a network architecture concept based on the application of technologies inspired in current cloud infrastructures to virtualize traditional network functions (mobile services, CDNs, Firewalls, etc.) and build network services by interconnecting these virtualized functions. SDN and NFV are complementary and they have become two key paradigms in today’s networking. Due to its impressive growth and fast adoption, many standardization bodies such as IETF, IEEE, ETSI, ITU-T, ONF, TM Forum and 3GPP, and open source projects such as OpenStack and OpenDayLight among others, are taking positions to define frameworks, protocols, data models and reference implementations that pave the way for interoperable, extensible and standard SDN and NFV solutions. This special issue wants to bring the attention of the community to the current state in the standardization area of SDN and NFV by inviting industry, practitioners and researchers to contribute with original works that allow identifying and proposing solutions to important gaps, still under development in SDN and NFV standardization organizations, and to show the synergies and mismatches between open source solutions and standardization processes. Moreover, review articles will be welcome to help the readership to understand the effort carried out in the different standardization bodies and their future directions. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, aspects related with standardization in: SDN and NFV frameworks and architectures. SDN and NFV challenges. SDN northbound, southbound and east-west interfaces. Integration of SDN and NFV, problems and challenges. SDN programming languages and data models. Data plane components (switch, routers, etc.) design. NFV and SDN alignment and standardization processes. Security, trust and privacy for SDN and NFV infrastructures, interfaces and protocols. Big data analytics in SDN enabled network and privacy issues. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting in SDN and NFV. SDN and NFV in wireless and mobile networks. Applying SDN and NFV to 5G networks. Applying SDN and NFV to IoT. Applying SDN and NFV to cellular 3GPP-based networks. Standards-based NFV and SDN testbeds, open source implementations and platforms. Testing and performance evaluation of existing proposals in NFV and SDN. Reliability, Availability and Load Balancing in NFV and SDN. Orchestration and Management in SDN and NFV. Multi-domain considerations in SDN and NFV. SDN and NFV in multi-tenancy environment. Submission guidelines Papers will be evaluated based on their originality, presentation, relevance and contribution to the topic associated with the special issue, as well as their overall quality. The submitted papers have to describe original work which has not been published nor currently under review by other journals or conferences Guest editors will make an initial determination of the suitability and scope of all submissions. Papers that either lack originality, clarity in presentation or fall outside the scope of the special issue will not be sent for review and authors will be promptly informed in such cases. Author guidelines for preparation of manuscript are available in: Papers should be submitted via the EES application in the following link: To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for their inclusion into the special issue, it is important that authors select SI-Standardization SDN&NFV in the “Article Type” step during the submission process. Schedule Paper submission: March 31st, 2016 Reviewing process and revision submission: First round of reviews: June 30th, 2016 Second round of reviews: September 15th, 2016 Acceptance of Final papers: October 30th, 2016 Final Manuscript Due: December 31st, 2016 Production process (online publication): March 31st, 2017 Guest Editors Dr. Diego Lopez Telefónica I + D Dr. Hosnieh Rafiee Huawei Technologies Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos University Carlos III of Madrid Dr. Gabriel López-Millán Universidad de Murcia Dr. Rafael Marin Lopez (Managing Guest Editor) Universidad de Murcia

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10 December 2015
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