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The Asian Conference on Peace, Humanitarian Aid and Service

PHASE 2015   


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  06 Aug 2015 through 08 Aug 2015

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  08 May 2015


  Hiroshima, Japan

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  Engineering & Technology > Architectural/Environmental, Education / Legal / Other > Social-Work

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In the spirit of peace and working together, the theme for PHASE 2015 will be Unity in Community. This international, peer-reviewed conference is a call to doctors, nurses, NPO / NGO professionals, humanitarian aid workers in the field, disaster response teams, police and fire departments, engineers and men and women serving in the military.

PHASE 2015 will coincide with the 70th Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Remembrance Ceremony. Registration includes meals and a free trip to Miyajima 'the floating shrine' - one of the three views of Japan and a UNESCO world heritage site!

Abstracts must be submitted through our online system. The conference will focus on the following topic areas:

Animals in Disasters
Climate Change and Disasters
Disaster Funding, Laws and Policies
Disaster Medicine
Disaster Relief, Resilience and Research
Disaster Management
Disaster ICT
Emergency Communications
Emergency Services Management
Epidemics and Outbreaks
First Aid: Special Equipment and Services
First Response and First Responders
Food Security
Global Diaspora and Inequality
Homeland Security and Terrorism
Humanitarian Education
Humanitarian Discourse & Intervention
Maritime and Natural Disasters

Off Grid Power, Renewable Energy & Resilient Power Grids
Peace and Conflict Resolution
Proliferation and Competition between Aid Agencies
Public Health Education
Role of the Police, Fire and Military in Relief Operations
Sanitation, Hygiene and Health
Sanitation: Urban and Rural
School Sanitation
Search and Rescue: Sea, Air and Land
Service and Volunteerism
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Engineering
Technologies for Disaster
Waste Management
Waste Water Reclamation and Reuse
Water Quality and Sanitation Services
Other Areas (please specify)

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19 May 2015
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