SEP 24

Chromatin and Epigenetics in Cancer


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  24 Sep 2015 through 27 Sep 2015

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  16 Jul 2015


  Atlanta, United States

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  Medicine & Health > Pharmaceutical/Medicinal

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Genes involved in chromatin remodeling and epigenetic regulation are frequently and specifically mutated in a wide variety of cancers. While known to serve roles in the control of gene expression and development, these largely unanticipated mutation findings have illuminated newly recognized mechanisms central to the genesis of cancer. Gaining insight into these mechanisms will offer the potential to reveal novel approaches and targets for effective therapeutic intervention. The focus of this Special Conference is to bring together outstanding basic, translational, and clinical cancer researchers to discuss their latest findings in the fields of chromatin and epigenetic regulation, transcription initiation, enhancers, control of transcriptional elongation, and more. We will also discuss how these findings are being investigated and applied as therapies for cancer treatment.

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04 March 2015
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