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Oil & Gas Flowlines and Transportation Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Repair



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  28 Jan 2015 through 30 Jan 2015


  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  InVida Events


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Oil & Gas Flowlines and Transportation Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Repair 28-30 January 2015, Kuala Lumpur There are millions of kilometers of onshore oil and gas pipelines around the world. They play vital roles intransporting petroleum and natural gas. While many forms of transportation are used to move these products; pipelines remain the safest, most efficient and economical way to move these natural resources. The industry is constantly expanding and new staffs are choosing career path into it this is why there is an increasing need for a full appreciation of the inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) of pipelines. Many staffs in the pipeline industry, old or new need to be equipped with basic pipeline technology orientation as well as others who are only exposed to certain relevant areas of pipeline operations .This training course is designed to provide the participant a complete, comprehensive, simplified and practical understanding of pipeline inspection, maintenance and repair. This course will discuss a summary of pipelines and piping systems maintenance, including inspection, evaluation of various deficiencies, and repair/alteration rules of various Codes and Standards. Simple evaluation methods for several types of defects will be described and their use demonstrated using sample problems.

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27 November 2014
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