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ACDT 2015 : The First Asian Conference on Defence Technology


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  23 Apr 2015 through 25 Apr 2015

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  10 Dec 2014


  Hau-Hin, Thailand

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  Engineering & Technology > Military/Defense

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The First Asian Conference on Defence Technology welcomes submissions of state of the art technical papers, experience papers, and panel presentations from experts in government, industry and academia in military area. ADCT seeks papers from across the full spectrum of technologies in the military domain. This event aims to bring together many scholars, researchers and managers of various areas and industries for intellectual exchanges, research cooperation and professional development. In addition to providing a venue for publication and presentation of peer-reviewed papers, the conference provides attendees with the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, discuss and disseminate the most recent advances in military technology around the world.Moreover, this program also offers excellent networking opportunities toparticipants, with a wonderful taste of local culture. The conference areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following

Rockets and Missiles: Missile and Aircraft Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics and Simulations, Flight Test and System Identification, Wind Tunnel Testing, Heat Transfer in Defence Applications, Target Coverage and Weapon Effectiveness, Propulsion and Technologies, Modeling and Simulation of Rocket Engines and Propulsion Systems,Control Navigation and Guidance System

Explosive and Blasting: Warhead mechanisms & effects, Weapon concept analysis, Protection of combat vehicles, aircraft, and personnel from bullet, penetrator, shaped charge and fragmenting warheads,Explosive and Energetic materials, Explosive detection, Generation and propagation of intensive loading, Materials served in impact and explosive environments, Structure failure and engineering protection under extreme loading , Multi-scale mechanics: experiments, modeling and simulation

Unmanned Vehicle Systems: Airspace Control,Integration, Interoperability, SecurityAirworthiness, Levels of Safety, Sensor Fusion, Vehicle Operations, Manned/Unmanned Aviation, Simulation ,Smart Sensors, Navigation, Standardization,Certification, ControlArchitectures,Payloads, Technology Challenges, Energy Efficient, Path Planning, Training, Environmental, Issues, Regulations, Applications, Fail-Safe Systems, Reliability of, Communications, Frequency Management, Risk Analysis, Testbeds

Military Communication: Architectures, Management, Protocols and Performance, Ad Hoc, Mesh, Sensor Networks, Cognitive Network Applications, Cooperative Diversity and Physical Layer Network Coding, Cross-Genre Networks, Cross-Layer Design, Disruption-Tolerant Networks, Hybrid Optical/RF Networks, Mobility Management,Network and Information Sciences, Network Coding, Network Discovery, Next-Generation Wireless Networks, Optical Networks, Personal Area and Body Area Networks, Protocols: MAC, Link-Layer, Network, Transport, Scalability of RF networks,Topology and Network Control

Military Operations other Than War: Applications of Defence Technology for Noncombatant Evacuation Operations, Exploitations of Defence Technology in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance, Defence Technology used as Military Support to Civil Authorities, Important Roles of Defence Technology in Peacekeeping Operations, Advancement of Defence Technology in Intelligence Extraction and Acquisition, Ways ahead of Defence Technology in Anti-Terrorism, Implementation of Defence Technology in Counter-drug Operations, Defence Technology in Facilitating Support of Civil Authorities, Integration Defence Technology for Military Simulation and Training

Military Vehicle: Automotive Technology and Platform,Marine Technology and Platform,Aerospace Technology and Platform,Vehicle Performance and Survivability, Platform Structural Design and Analysis, Platform Manufacturing and Process Design, Platform Statics, Dynamics, Vibration, Acoustics, and Control, Fluids Engineering Systems & Technologies in Vehicle System, Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering in Vehicle System, Materials:Vehicle Structures, Systems, Design, and Complexity in Vehicle System, Weapon Control Design and System Analysis, Vehicle Verification and Validation, Numerical Method Applied to Vehicle System, System Architecture Design in Platform, Artificial Intelligence in Platform Application

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24 October 2014
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