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Identity issues in Banking - 26 Red Flags and More - By AtoZ Compliance


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  18 Apr 2017 through 18 Apr 2017


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  AtoZ Compliance


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Key Take Away: This webinar will help you create pro-active standards and processes which will work together to identify reasons to be suspicious and additional steps to take when additional suspicions seem justified to confront identity fraudulence. Overview: The Federal regulators put together a list of 26 “Red Flags” to help banks deal with ID theft and identity fraudulent attempts to take over accounts. But the list is not organized for ease of use and they are not a comprehensive guide. In this webinar, we have organized the Red Flags into related functional areas and, for each area we provide additional tips and information based on years of consulting with major banks from the perspectives of prevention, loss reduction, detection, and investigations. We also provide a structure to relate various aspects of identity fraud and some discussion of future directions in ID techniques. Why Should You Attend: Today’s fraudsters are not using their real names, addresses or Social Security numbers. They are using stolen identity tokens, stolen identities and totally fabricated identities. While this makes fraud investigations much harder, it also provides opportunities for banks to spot potential fraud before it happens by spotting indications of identity issues before fraudulent transactions even have an opportunity to take place. We will also look into the near-term future, discussing techniques being implemented to leaders in the field and being looked at for future improvements in identification technologies. For more information, please visit : http://bit.ly/2p8OyDo Email: [email protected] Toll Free: +1- 844-414-1400 Tel: +1-516-900-5509

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10 April 2017
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