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IWMST-2017, International Workshop on Mathematics and Statistics


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  28 Oct 2017 through 29 Oct 2017

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  15 Aug 2017


  Istanbul, Turkey

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  Scientific Cooperations


  Physical Science & Math > Mathematics

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IWMST-2017, International Workshop on Mathematics and Statistics

Website: http://conf-scoop.org/science/iwmst/
E-mail: [email protected]
International Workshop on Mathematics and Statistics is a peer reviewed academic event held annually by Scientific Cooperations. The workshop is a part of International Conference of Basic Sciences which consists of three separate workshops of different disciplines. IWMST-2017 aims to increase the collaboration among researchers and practitioners with a common interest in Mathematics and Statistics through scientific publications.
All the conference papers will be published in conference proceedings.
The scope of the conference is listed but not limited below:
Mathematics: Applied Mathematics Biomathematics Financial Engineering/Financial Mathematics/Quantitative Finance Formalization Of Mathematics Foundation Of Mathematics Mathematics Mathematical Software Design And Implementation Mathematical Modeling Mathematical Physics Pure Mathematics Statistics: Applied Statistics Biostatistics And Bioinformatics Business Statistics Computational Statistics Data Mining Econometrics Environmental Statistics Industrial Statistics Industrial Quality Control Mathematical Statistics Modeling And Simulation Operations Research Probability Quantitative Methods Applied Mathematics & Modeling: Numerical Analysis Mathematical Computational Techniques Fluid Mechanics Heat And Mass Transfer Differential Equations (ODEs And PDEs) Mathematical Physics Dynamical System & Chaos Educational Mathematics Analysis & Its Applications: Banach Algebras Abstract Harmonic Analysis Geometry Of Banach Spaces Algebra & Mathematical Logic Functional Analysis Set Theory Matrix Theory Approximation Theory Algebra & Its Applications: Number Theory Pplied Algebra Cryptography Group Theory Algebraic Geometry: Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry Arakelov Geometry Mixed Tate Motives P-Adic Methods In Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry Ramification Theory Of Arithmetic Varieties Number Theory: Algebraic Number Theory Rings Of Algebraic Integers Analytic Number Theory Sieve Theory, Automorphic Forms, Distribution Statistics Diophantine Approximation, Asymptotic Group Theory Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry Iwasawa Theory Of Galois Representations And Their Deformations Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture Euler And Kolyvagin System Combinatorics: Combinatorial Design Theory Metamorphosis, Embeddings, Intersections, Defining Sets, And Trades Of Designs Graph Theory, In Particular Decompositions Combinatorial Design Theory Combinatorial Computing Search Algorithms For Designs With Given Properties Random Graphs, In Particular Random Proximity Catch Graphs And Digraphs Differential Equations: Partial Differential Equations Nonlinear Problems Of Mathematical Physics Dissipative Dynamical Systems Scattering Of Classical And Quantum Waves Wavelet Analysis Molecular Dynamics Mathematical Physics: Differential Geometric, Topologic, And Algebraic Methods Used In Quantum Mechanics Geometric Phases And Dynamical Invariants Supersymmetry And Its Generalizations Pseudo - Hermitian Quantum Mechanics Quantum Cosmology Probability & Stochastic Processes: Mathematics Of Finance Stochastic Flows And Random Velocity Fields Epidemic Protocols Data Traffic Geometry &Topology: Geometry Topology Algebraic Geometry Game Theory Differential Geometry Fractals Topology Of Low-Dimensional Manifolds Lefschetz Fibrations Symplectic And Contact Structures Stein Fillings Low Dimensional Topology Symplectic Topology And Geometry Seiberg - Witten Theory Floer Homology Topology Of 3-Manifolds Minimal Surfaces Foliation And Lamination Theory Hyperbolic Geometry Statistics & Its Applications: Stochastic Systems Statistics Operations Research Optimization Linear And Nonlinear Programming Probability Financial Mathematics Acturial Mathematics Inference On Random Graphs Graph Theory Statistics Classification And Pattern Recognition Numeric Analysis Numerical Linear Algebra Numerical Optimization Perturbation Theory Of Eigenvalues Eigenvalue Optimization Robust And Nonparametric Multivariate Statistics Robust Time Series Analysis Linear And Generalized Linear Models Statistical Computing, Graphics And Data Mining Statistical Inference Based On Divergence Measures

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08 February 2017
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