The Evolution Delusion

How to Recognize the Unsupported Claims of Darwin's Theory

by Bart Rask, MD
322 pages 2021
Social Philosophy of Vivekananda and Indian Nationalism by Sebastian Velassery
184 pages 2021
The Influence of Stonehenge on Minoan Navigation and Trade in Europe

How Michigan Copper Arrived in the Mediterranean During the Bronze Age

by Capt. Richard de Grasse
114 pages 2021
Foods That Harm, Foods That Promote Health

A Biochemical and Nutritional Perspective in Health and Disease Prevention

by Stefan A. Hulea and Mirela Ahmadi, editors
266 pages 2021
Flat Space Cosmology

A New Model of the Universe Incorporating Astronomical Observations of Black Holes, Dark Energy and Dark Matter

by Eugene Terry Tatum and U.V.S. Seshavatharam
204 pages 2021
Genes, Polymorphisms, and the Making of Societies

A Genetic Perspective of the Divergence between East and West (Revised and Extended Edition)

by Hippokratis Kiaris
214 pages 2021
Nursing Scope of Practice by Douglas Long, RN, MBA, PhD
266 pages 2021
Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Non-Formal Education

Interdisciplinary Examinations into Various Instructional Models

by Daniel Mara and Margareta M. Thomson (editors)
250 pages 2021
Work and Labor in World Languages, Literatures, and Film

Selected Proceedings of the 24th Southeast Conference on Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Will Lehman, Margit Grieb, and Yves-Antoine Clemmen (editors)
300 pages 2021
Engineering for Sustainable Development and Living

Preserving a Future for the Next Generation to Cherish

by Jacqueline A. Stagner & David S-K. Ting (editors)
330 pages 2020
Asylum and Sanctuary in History and Law

A Social and Political Approach to Temporary Protections Around the World

by James Biser Whisker and Kevin R Spiker
260 pages 2021
Faith Physics

A New Theory of Everything

by Nathan V. Hoffman
538 pages 2021
Risk and the State

How Economics and Neuroscience Shape Political Legitimacy to Address Geopolitical, Environmental, and Health Risks for Sustainable Governance

by Phillip G. LeBel
338 pages 2021
How Did We Get Here?

How Humanity Abused Philosophy, Religion and Science to Bring about Planetary Disaster and Totalitarian Lockdown

by Sohail Shakeri
112 pages 2020
The Wealth from Health Playbook

The Dramatic Path Forward in Healthcare Spawned by the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Douglas Ratner, MD with Susan Walsh, MD, FACP
234 pages 2020
Moisture Control and Insulation Systems in Buildings, Chilled Water Pipes and Underground Pipes

A Guide for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Facility Managers, Construction Professionals and Homeowners

by William A. Lotz (author) and Joseph M. Hough (editor)
334 pages 2020
Civil Rights in America

A Handbook of Legal History

by Daniel McLinden
120 pages 2021
Patients at Risk

The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare

by Niran Al-Agba, M.D. and Rebekah Bernard, M.D.
254 pages 2020
Romancing the Birds and Dinosaurs

Forays in Postmodern Paleontology

by Alan Feduccia, Ph.D.
336 pages 2020
The International Distribution Agreement

A Practical Approach to Transnational Contracting across the European Union, the United States and Latin America (2nd edition)

by Marco Mastracci
356 pages 2020
The Veracity of Torah

Essays in Jewish Spirituality

by Tal Sessler
134 pages 2020
One-Sheet-A-Day Math Drills

Grade 3 Division - 200 Worksheets (Book 8 of 24)

by Neki C. Modi & Alpa A. Shah
278 pages 2020
One-Sheet-A-Day Math Drills

Grade 4 Addition - 200 Worksheets (Book 9 of 24)

by Neki C. Modi & Alpa A. Shah
278 pages 2020