Espanol medico y sociedad

Un libro para estudiantes de espanol en el tercer ano de estudios (Revised Edition)

by Alicia Giralt
328 pages 2012
The Math Handbook for Students with Math Difficulties, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia or ADHD

(Grades 1-7)

by Helmy Faber
132 pages 2017
Caveman Chemistry

28 Projects, from the Creation of Fire to the Production of Plastics

by Kevin M. Dunn
424 pages 2003
Crown Molding & Trim: Install It Like A PRO!

Master any compound miter angle.

by Wayne Drake
144 pages 2012
Train the Brain to Hear

Understanding and Treating Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Short Term Memory, Executive Function, Comprehension, and ADD/ADHD (Second Edition)

by Jennifer L. Holland
199 pages 2014
Understanding Rhetoric

A Guide to Critical Reading and Argumentation

by Eamon M. Cunningham
468 pages 2018

How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps, 5th Anniversary Edition

by Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff
298 pages 2015
The Generic Challenge

Understanding Patents, FDA and Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management (Fifth Edition)

by Martin A. Voet
228 pages 2016
Geometry by Construction

Object Creation and Problem-solving in Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries

by Michael McDaniel
147 pages 2015
Libations of the Eighteenth Century

A Concise Manual for the Brewing of Authentic Beverages from the Colonial Era of America, and of Times Past

by David A. Woolsey
224 pages 1997
A Practical Guide to Airline Customer Service

From Airline Operations to Passenger Services

by Colin C. Law
302 pages 2018
Enrichment is not a Packet!

Out of the Box Strategies to Enrich Your High Level Students in a Truly Differentiated Classroom

by Michelle J. Marks
110 pages 2019
Instrumentation and Measurement in Electrical Engineering by Roman Malaric
243 pages 2011
A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry by Charles H. Aboughantous
165 pages 2010
Basics of Stage Combat


by Andrew Ashenden
125 pages 2012
The Business of Trademarks

A Practical Guide to Trademark Management for Attorneys and Paralegals

by Carol Chadirjian
174 pages 2017
Basic Genetics

A Primer Covering Molecular Composition of Genetic Material, Gene Expression and Genetic Engineering, and Mutations and Human Genetic Disorders, 2nd Edition

by Ahmed Abouelmagd & Hussein M. Ageely
288 pages 2013
Natural Behavior

The Evolution of Behavior in Humans and Animals using Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Biology

by Burton A. Weiss
144 pages 2018
The Legacy of the Wisecrack

Stand-up Comedy as the Great American Literary Form

by Eddie Tafoya
236 pages 2009
Christianity without the Cross

A History of Salvation in Oneness Pentecostalism

by Thomas A. Fudge
401 pages 2003
Fundamental College Composition by William P. DeFeo
172 pages 2017
A Flight Attendant's Essential Guide

From Passenger Relations to Challenging Situations

by Colin C. Law
502 pages 2019
Basics of Stage Combat

Single Sword

by Andrew Ashenden
133 pages 2012
Excellence in IT

Achieving Success in an Information Technology Career

by Warren C. Zabloudil
150 pages 2014