The Florida Spiny Lobster

How to Catch It, Its Biology, A Crawfish Cookbook, and First Aid for Minor Diving Injuries

by John Kappes


The Florida Spiny Lobster tells what every crawfish hunter ought to know about his quarry, what equipment he’ll need, where to find them, and how to catch them. It also provides some tried and true recipes for those lucky lobster hunters who get some of these spiny delicacies as far as the kitchen. It also delves into the rules and regulations covering its capture and gives some common sense suggestions on how to safely manage the hunt. In writing the section on the biology of the spiny lobster the author takes great care to keep everything within the grasp of the average reader. Unnecessary scientific terminology is avoided while making an effort to answer every question that is likely to be asked about the crawfish. Every lobster hunter is likely to experience some ...

Midlife Mavericks

Women reinventing their lives in Mexico

by Karen Blue


Midlife Mavericks chronicles a new trend--unmarried American and Canadian women building better lives for themselves in Mexico's beautiful colonial villages. Cozy up on a comfortable couch and share a margarita with successful women who have found an alternative to high-stress careers. Sip a glass of wine with empty-nesters seeking adventure and drink a glass of ice tea with retirees living in comfort on just their Social Security or disability income. You'll laugh and cry with these gutsy gringas as they journey from unfulfilled yearnings towards answers each woman must ultimately discover for herself. "Like the seafaring sirens, Midlife Mavericks, will lure reticent readers from their lukewarm existences into lives of discovery and purpose." Marilyn Davis, aut...

by Mustafa Mikail Ozciloglu & Mehmet Fatih Akay (advisor)


Upper body power (UBP) is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of cross-country skiers during races. Although some initial studies have already attempted to predict UBP, until now, no study has attempted to apply machine learning methods combined with various feature selection algorithms to identify the discriminative features for prediction of UBP. The purpose of this study is to develop new prediction models for predicting the 10-second UBP (UBP10) and 60-second UBP (UBP60) of cross-country skiers by using General Regression Neural Networks (GRNN), Radial-Basis Function Network (RBF), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Single Decision Tree (SDT) and Tree Boost (TB) along with the Relief-F feature selection algorithm, minimum redundancy maxim...

by Lynn T. Seely


This exceptional non-fiction book allows you to share in the lives of some extraordinary people and a few amazing animals. Each chapter is a new and delightful experience where you will meet real life heroes - and even a few villains. You will meet Pud - a dog of exceptional courage - as he bravely protects his master from harm. Cheer for a father -though he survives cancer it has taken much from him - yet his struggle to achieve his dream provides a touching lesson for his young son. Witness Bill run more than 24 hours in a blizzard. Why does he do it? His wife faces almost certain death if he quits! You will be there to see the triumph of a young woman as she is able to put a brutal attack behind her. Go with the author of this book as she shares her own experienc...

by Mariann Cataletto , Michael Yusim


If you are a dance student and have been searching for a way to remember all those dance steps that you have spent so much time and effort learning, this is the book for you. Michael Yusim is an experienced engineer and computer programmer who has devised a unique and innovative method for recording dance steps. Mariann Cataletto is a current medical system manager, computer programming student, and a former dance teacher. Their combined talents have resulted in the creation of an effective tool for learning and retention so that you never need to experience the frustration of forgetting a dance pattern again. Their graphics library provides a wealth of information on Hustle step combinations.

by Clayton Davis


This is a book about learning to be a pilot and the daily routine of flying. You begin on the ground, but leap immediately into the sky to soar gracefully with the eagles. Legal and medical requirements are spelled out clearly. An early chapter teaches you the names for new and exciting things in the world of aviation. Knowing the words will make you feel comfortable in this exciting and wonderful new world you are entering. Very soon you are in the middle of a typical lesson plan, where you progress in logical steps from pre-flight inspection to graduation. Diagrams and illustrations make you understand and enjoy learning how to fly airplanes. After graduating from the course and receiving your credentials, you find the next chapters are about the lives of aviators. Each episode ...

by Ian T. Boyle


Adventure-based training has become an effective medium for delivering experiential training programs within a variety of disciplines such as; school outdoor education, corporate teamwork development, youth at risk and psychological counseling. In addition, Meyer & Wenger (1998) and Meyer (2000) were instrumental in pioneering research in to the efficacy of adventure-based training with sporting teams. This investigation adds to the growing body of knowledge in this area by demonstrating the positive effects an adventure training intervention has on athletes ability to learn new team and psychological skills. In addition, results indicated that individual and team performance might have been enhanced because of skills learnt during the intervention. This stud...


The Official Police Method of Arrest and Self-Defense

by Douglas W. Devlin


POLICEDO. The Official Police Method of Arrest and Self-Defense. A Project of the Police Martial Arts Association.