Foster Youth Emancipation

Implications of Resiliency, Independence, and Responsibility

by Dr. Deborah Harris-Sims


This study incorporated descriptive research methods and correlational research methods to explore possible relationships between independence-responsibility and resiliency. The researcher administered the Resiliency Scales for Adolescents (RSA) to foster care youth. In addition, the Responsibility and Independence Scales for Adolescents (RISA) was administered to each foster youth's caseworker or agency appointed designee N0-40 responsible for managing the life of the youth. Results from the study indicated a null relationship between the cumulative constructs of resiliency and independence-responsibility. However, in respect to sub-scales, the study found that for youth in foster care higher levels of emotional reactivity were associated with lower levels of responsibility. Further, in...

The Role of International Business Operations and the Impact of the Political Environment in Nigeria

A Conceptual Framework Study based on the Banking and Oil Industries

by Olufemi A. Akintunde


This study investigated whether known international business theories available in the literature are meaningful enough to explain the role of international companies in Nigeria. The research examines factors that are likely to influence Nigeria's cultural and ethical values, or contributes to Nigeria's socio-economic development and prosperity. Questionnaires were distributed in four major cities of Nigeria to 600 international companies' customers in four separate shopping malls; all the questionnaires were collected back. This represents a total response rate of 100 percent, which is adequate for this study. The study found that critical factors such as socio-economic development and cultural issues impede the contributions of international companies in Nigeria. The study found that in...

A Study of the Effects of Abortion in the United States

The Reasoning Behind Abortions and Improving Access to Care

by Rudolph Gurtovnik


This research study examines legal, political, and social factors influencing women's decisions to undergo or forego abortion. It also suggests ways to increase accessibility of abortion services. Due to time and budgetary constraints, the study was conducted by utilizing secondary data, such as academic studies, scholarly publications, and newspaper articles. Studies have shown that common reasons for women having abortions are financial difficulties, rape/incest, and fear of life change. Barriers to abortion include lack of adequate information on abortion services or proper contraception use, fear of pain, geographic barriers, and state legislation. Factors that affect utilization of abortion include medical technology, anti-abortion movements, and laws limiting provision of abortion, a...

by Bethel G.A. Erastus-Obilo


Lay participation in the criminal justice process in the form of a jury is a celebrated phenomenon throughout the common law jurisdictions. While not claiming credit for its origin, England, as the latent cradle of the modern jury, disseminated this mode of trial to a great part of the world through colonization. Yet, trial by jury does not enjoy constitutional protection under English law. The system has been under severe criticism, curtailment and considerable pressure in recent times, perhaps far more than in other countries. Critics have demanded reform or outright abolition and supporters have opposed the demands just as vehemently and any reform achieved has been piecemeal and reluctant. The furore has helped to galvanise robust and extensive intellectual debate on the subject. It ha...

Fighting Gays; Finding Freedom

The Christian Right Battle Against Same-Sex Marriage

by Peter Strandby


Christian Right groups’ recent campaigns to ban same-sex marriage hide more than an antigay agenda, encompassing a much greater discussion on the meaning of American freedom. This thesis takes starting point in a conundrum formed by conservative Christian claims, defining personal freedom in a restriction of individual liberties. This authoritarian concept of freedom has not gone uncontested, and a current field for this semantic struggle lies within the national debate on same-sex marriage. Concordantly, the purpose is to analyse how the Christian Right justifies its opposition. The current terrain is laid out by tracing the historical roots of two contradictory American traditions; one profoundly religious, holding roots in colonial Puritanism and one equally secularised, exemplified ...

by Angela A. Stanton


In economic experiments decisions often differ from game-theoretic predictions. Why are people generous in one-shot ultimatum games with strangers? Is there a benefit to generosity toward strangers? Research on the neural substrates of decisions suggests that some choices are hormone-dependent. By artificially stimulating subjects with neuroactive hormones, we can identify which hormones and brain regions participate in decision-making, to what degree and in what direction. Can a hormone make a person generous while another stingy? In this paper, two laboratory experiments are described using the hormones oxytocin (OT) and arginine vasopressin (AVP). Concentrations of these hormones in the brain continuously change in response to external stimuli. OT enhances trust (Michael Kosfeld et al. ...

Informalisation as a Strength

Community Survival Systems and Economic Development in the African City

by Frank Meintjies


This dissertation is concerned with resources for economic development in cities in Africa. It argues for the greater understanding of the dynamics, practices and cultures within popular neighbourhoods and for recognising the creativity within them as a critical resource. Such an appeal is apt in a context where informal initiative has been suppressed, neglected and its potential wider influence curtailed. This paper takes the view that the popular neighbourhood is not just a place of needs, nor are its resources important only for addressing its own pressing issues; rather, it can be a major contributor to economic development in cities of Africa. This argument draws on concepts and findings from two research initiatives on a Lusaka settlement which delved into community resourcefulness, ...

by Patricia Fioriello


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the way and extend to which the elementary school is meeting special needs of students of gay and lesbian parents, in regard to school environment that provides support, protection, inclusive curriculum, principal and assistant principal involvement, and involvement of parents of these children in the life of the school. Methodology: The student consists of two types of research: a descriptive study and a qualitative case study. Questionnaires and semi structured interviews were conducted with elementary principals enrolled in the University of La Verne doctoral program and working in school districts throughout California. The survey instrument included five categories of the role of the elementary school with...