Can I See Your Hands:

A Guide To Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security

by Dr. Gav Schneider


The title of this book, "Can I See Your Hands" refers to one of the key outcomes of this book-- being able to tell whether or not people want to cause us harm. To put it very simply, if you can see someone's hands and they are not concealing them, holding a weapon or positioning to strike you, one's levels of trust and confidence can increase. This simple example can serve as a reminder to all of us in many of the complex moments we have to deal with, and difficult decisions we have to make, in everyday life. Click here for details about the Audiobook edition read by Graham Rowat. WORDS OF PRAISE You hold in your hands an amazing book, unlike any other on the subject. Many good books have been written about the critically important topic of protecting yourself and your loved one...

Psychology Led Astray

Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy

by Tomasz Witkowski


This book shows how scientific and psychotherapeutic practices change into worthless rituals called by the famous physicist, Richard Feynman, "cargo cult." It is a must-read for everybody who is interested in psychology, who is studying or intends to study it, but also for present and potential clients of psychotherapists and parents of mentally-disabled children. Readers will learn which parts of psychology and therapy are cargo-cult-like and which are reliable. This book is the second part of trilogy devoted to the dark side of psychology. The first volume was published under the title Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy, also released by BrownWalker Press. IN THE NEWS See Chronicle of Higher Education (20 Mar 2017) BOOK REVIEWS Psychologist Witkowski f...

Psychology Gone Wrong

The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy

by Tomasz Witkowski & Maciej Zatonski


Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy explores the dark sides of psychology, the science that penetrates almost every area of our lives. It must be read by everyone who has an interest in psychology, by all those who are studying or intend to study psychology, and by present and potential clients of psychotherapists. This book will tell you which parts of psychology are supported by scientific evidence, and which parts are simply castles built on sand. This is the first book which comprehensively covers all mistakes, frauds and abuses of academic psychology, psychotherapy, and psycho-business. The second volume was published under the title Psychology Led Astray Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy, also released by BrownWalker Press. IN THE NEWS See Chronicle of H...

Psychological Problems and Their Big Deceptions

Introducing Predicate-Equating Cognition, Metaphorical Communications, and the Unconscious Entity

by David W. Shave


Psychological Problems And Their Big Deceptions reveals the multiple fraudulent and deceptive concepts of both Psychology and Psychiatry, such as the present-day gross misuse of the  "PTSD" diagnosis,  while introducing the foremost, but previously unrecognized, concept, the "Unconscious Entity." Though all people do not have a mental illness, everyone, without exception, has periods of being emotionally uncomfortable. This book convincingly shows what causes a state of being emotionally uncomfortable to any degree, and what is necessary to regain a state of being emotionally comfortable. In doing this, one will conclude it is a lot less the psychological counsel, in someone seeking professional help, and much more the listening, in any "counseling," that makes the cure. This boo...

The Hidden Psychology of Our Talking

Predicate-Equating Cognition and its Role in Communication

by David W. Shave


This book introduces the concept of the "unconscious entity" and reveals it as the most important concept in psychology. The book begins by presenting that the basic emotional need of humans is the need to be emotionally comfortable. Anything, that makes us emotionally uncomfortable, is a frustration of our basic emotional need, that then produces anger. The bigger the frustration, the more anger is produced. If that anger is not immediately expressed, it becomes repressed, and then stored in our mind as "unconscious entity," making any unwanted feeling we have, more unwanted. Unconscious entity arises from our unexpressed anger. It manifests itself as unwanted feelings. The feeling we least want is the very feeling most likely to be produced by our unexpressed anger. To reduce the intensi...


Coping with Workplace Bullying

by Vanessa M. Gattis


Workplace bullying, the repeated and regular act of harassing, offending, socially excluding someone, or negatively affecting someone’s work over time has been recognized as a serious threat to the health and well-being of employees. This study sought to explore resilience as a coping strategy to help improve the physical and mental health effects of professional women who have or are experiencing workplace bullying. The central research question was, how does perceived resilience, when used as a coping strategy, help with the physical and mental health stressors while helping to improve the overall well-being of professional women who were or have experienced workplace bullying? Using a qualitative methodology with a single-case study design, 10 professional women who have and are still...

Looking for Understanding

A Phenomenological Exploration of Artists’ Decisions to Portray Cancer in their Artwork

by Janet L. Gillett


A diagnosis of cancer brings many changes to individuals’ lives, thus becoming part of their identity. Individuals who have cancer typically struggle when adjusting and accepting these changes (Blennerhassett, 2008; Yang, Staps, & Hijmans, 2010; Allen, Savadatti, & Levy, 2009; Lindwall & Bergbom, 2009; Lewis, 2008; Welsh & Guy, 2009; Frith, Harcourt, & Fussell, 2007; Hilton, Hunt, Emslie, Salinas, & Ziebland 2008). Furthermore, medical doctors place more emphasis on the symptoms and side effects individuals undergo rather than the person’s experience of the symptoms and side effects (Frank, 1991; Cassell, 1991; Nuland, 2010; Couser, 1997). During this time, some individuals engage in creative tasks, such as painting or writing, as means of coping. This current study will explore why in...

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles

Exploring the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles Among Information Technology Professionals

by Eniola O. Olagundoye


All around the world, information technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and it could be challenging keeping up with the growing changes that we are witnessing with it. This paper explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership styles among information technology professionals. Does emotional intelligence predict leadership style and do leadership styles predict emotional intelligence components? A total of 185 participants were involved in this study. The leadership styles, which are comprised of transformational, transactional, and passive-avoidant, were measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire - MLQ 5X (Bass & Avolio, 1995). The emotional intelligence components, which are comprised of perception of emotion, managing own emotions, managing others...

Evolution, Information and Personality

Toward A Unified Theory of the Psyche

by Robert DePaolo


If writing a multidisciplinary treatise is difficult (and this endeavor wasn't exactly a walk in the park) then I had to imagine how difficult it might be for the reader to assimilate the cross references to evolution, information dynamics and clinical psychology that characterize this book. Moreover, I had to consider that reading a book written in language derived from quantum physics, psychology and anthropology might prove to be a bit dreary, even for seasoned clinicians. So to preclude possible confusion this book was written with Information Theory in mind. That's why, for the sake of clarity, certain themes are repeated in successive chapters to serve as an anchor point for the diverse ideas that revolve around them. As to the book itself, it is offered as an integrative...

Pressure to Behave, Believe, and Become

Identity Negotiation Stories from People Who Grew Up "Cult"

by Patricia A. Millar


This research explored how identity transitions are accomplished when individuals experience distress in relationship to the social systems in which they are embedded. Study participants grew up in cultic groups, where they were parented by committed members. Twenty-two people who chose to leave or were ejected from 12 cultic groups provided low point, high point, and turning point stories for an exploratory narrative analysis. Life story narratives revealed a jarring disconnect between what participants were expected to believe and become and how they experienced themselves. The research interviews provided richly textured data about the experience of growing up cult, the process of leaving, and what helped or hindered as participants navigated new social contexts. A categorical conten...

Social Work and Psychological Services for African Refugee Children

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Statutory Service Provision Based on a Research Study in Wales, UK

by Takwana Chenyika


This research, undertaken with children's services social workers who have worked in an urban Local Authority in South Wales, UK, sets out to explore whether statutory social services departments meet the psychological needs of refugee children. The study is in the form of a comparative study of refugee and non-refugee children. The comparison was made in relation to the children's psychological presentation pre- and post-intervention by the statutory social services department. This investigation was undertaken in response to general observation and research evidence that suggest the possibility of lack of appropriateness and effectiveness of psychological support services for refugee children. The study combines the use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The qualitative compo...

by Trevor Hicks & Caroline McSherry


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has commissioned recent research which has indicated that: -about half a million people in the UK experience work-related stress at a level they believe is making them ill; -up to 5 million people in the UK feel "very" or "extremely" stressed by their work; and -a total of 12.8 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2004/5. Work-related stress is therefore a serious problem and tackling it effectively can result in significant benefits for organizations. This can result in a happier and more productive workforce with fewer days away from work with stress related illnesses. Managers will also want to comply with recent HSE advice on managing stress within the workplace fulfilling their duty of care to e...

Boosting the Mind's Eye

Visualizing for Social and Emotional Intelligence

by Erin Phifer


Boosting the Mind’s Eye is a theory-based program guiding parents, educators, counselors, and psychologists through progressive steps bolstering emotional intelligence in children and adults through the development of visualization and language skills. This program was originally designed to address the emotional and social deficits of individuals along the Autistic Spectrum; however, it has become a useful tool in aiding the social understanding of all individuals presenting social weaknesses, regardless of diagnoses. The book offers theory, research, a step-by-step guide, photos, and sample dialogue to improve upon many skills, such as reading facial expressions, body language, emotional vocabulary, visualization, expressive language, and role-playing. This program creates a marria...

Quality Instruction

Building and Evaluating Computer-Delivered Courseware

by Robert T. Hays, Ph.D.


This book provides a theoretically- and empirically-based method to evaluate the instructional quality of computer-delivered courseware. The book is intended to help instructional developers, instructional procurement officials, instructors, and other individuals responsible for ensuring that the resources invested in courseware result in the highest instructional quality. The method can be applied throughout the instructional systems development process, from earliest requirements analysis to the delivery and implementation of the computer-delivered courseware.

Sexual Interactions

The Social Construction of Atypical Sexual Behaviors

by Andreas G. Philaretou, Constantinos N. Phellas, & Stavros S. Karayanni


This book provides an exploratory investigation into the world of atypical sexual variations and interactions, in particular, the intersections of homosexuality and ethnicity, sexual addiction and codependency, sex work and cabaret patronage, and Cybersex addiction. It deals primarily with the intrapersonal, interpersonal, historical, social, and cultural manifestations of such atypical interactions and their social construction as atypical behaviors. This book is primarily intended for graduate, and upper level undergraduate, students in psychology, sociology, family studies, and social sciences. Upon reading the book, readers will come to an understanding of how homosexuality, codependency, sex work, and Cybersex (Internet pornography) come to affect our emotional, psychological, sexu...

Beyond Psychotherapy

123 Life Changing Ideas

by Dr. Don N. Bacchus


Psychotherapy may be more a program of dependency than growth. Inside each person is a reservoir of strength and determination to overcome personal difficulties. Beyond Psychotherapy - 123 Life Changing Ideas encourages everyone to rely on their own inner strength for their personal growth and healing.

Fraud and Corruption

A Convenience Perspective

by Petter Gottschalk


Fraud and Corruption is at the core of financial crime by white-collar offenders. This book provides an introduction to the shadow economy and presents the theory of convenience for white-collar crime. It explains why so few are willing to blow the whistle on people in the elite for misconduct and crime. The book is aimed at readers who are training for and working in control functions. The book illustrates challenges in controlling public administration by political bodies. Readers will learn the definitions of fraud and corruption, the convenience perspective, the role of whistleblowers, and the importance of fraud and corruption investigations. In addition, it presents updated research on white-collar crime as explained by convenience theory and illustrated by problematic issues such as...

by Michael G. Aamodt


This book is the most comprehensive reference ever written for individuals interested in law enforcement selection. The chapters contain meta-analyses (statistical reviews of the literature) investigating the validity of methods used to predict police performance. These methods include education requirements, cognitive ability, background variables (e.g., military experience, arrest record, discipline problems at work), personality inventories, interest inventories, physical agility tests, assessment centers, and interviews. The first chapter in the book is a short primer on meta-analysis that informs the reader about the purpose of meta-analysis and how to interpret the meta-analysis tables contained in the book. Chapter 2 describes the methods used to conduct the meta-analyses for thi...

Conjugate Gaze Somato-Emotional Release

A Novel Approach to Physiotherapeutic Mind-Body Therapy

by Vincent L. Perri


Conjugate Gaze Somato-Emotional Release is a novel approach in the release of repressed mind-body traumatisms. The Conjugate Gaze approach works toward facilitating central nervous system processing through the activation of the hypothalamic limbic axis, and the use of specific reflex contacts and verbal cues. Such diverse topics as "the psychic space" and "the alternate psyche" will open new avenues in the treatment of somato-emotional disorders.

The Study of a Secret Society

Resistance to Open Discussion of Suicide in the United States Coast Guard

by Stephanie I. M. Steinmetz


This project began as an investigation into the high rate of suicide among members of the Coast Guard in comparison to other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The course of research revealed Coast Guard officials' chronic reluctance to disclose information about suicide. Therefore, the new focus of research became a comparative investigation of the Coast Guard's resistance to discussing suicide within the organization. The study was conducted through interviews with a sample of Coast Guard and other military members as well as through discussion boards on the Internet. Questions centered on military life experience, stress, depression and suicide. The data suggest that members of the Coast Guard 1) initially appeared excited to participate in the study, however, when asked to discuss or d...

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

Supportive Interventions for Anti Social Behaviour: Their Use and Effectiveness, Especially on People with Mental Health Problems

by Jayne Mugo


This dissertation is an evaluative research study of supportive intervention tools for tackling anti-social behaviour implemented by a large housing association, since the Home Office Respect Agenda Action Plan was launched in 2006. The dissertation set out to explore the use and evaluate the effectiveness of supportive interventions as compared to enforcement interventions, and especially where people with mental health problems are involved The phenomenological theoretical underpinning of the research is informed by the philosophy of reaching far beyond the facts to identify the meaning and understanding of social phenomena as the people involved in it perceive experience and interpret it.The research used a mixed method approach. It was based on a quantitative data gathered from the ...

by Christopher J. Ewing


United States Air Force Officers are not often given the choice of career fields when they enter active duty. This may have some impact on performance on an academic measure in the assigned field. In addition to choice, levels of two causality orientations were assessed using Deci and Ryan's 1985 General Causality Orientation Scale, 12-Vignette version. Causality orientations are posited to exist in varying degrees in every individual and, for the purposes of this study, are tested to determine their association with academic achievement in a situation of limited choice. The overall aim of this study is to determine whether choice and/or causality orientation predict academic achievement in missileers, and if a moderation model represents the relationship between the predictors and academi...

Juvenile Firesetting

An Exploratory Analysis

by Michael L. Slavkin


This study had two primary purposes. First, this study assessed the psychometric properties of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) questionnaires used to record juvenile firesetting events (Fineman, 1997a, 1997b,1997c). Second, this study initiated preliminary analyses that (1) contributed to the identification of a typology of firesetters, (2) account for variance in the severity of fires set by juveniles, and (3) predicted the likelihood of recidivistic behaviors in juvenile firesetters. Predictors were restricted to a limited set of exploratory variables; including age, sex, delinquency, pathology, and social skills. However, individual characteristics (delinquency, social skills, and psychopathology) were better predictors of recidivism, the magnitude of fire damage and the ...

by Jennifer L. Gray


The purpose of the study was to identify common themes on the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) for Japanese subjects. In addition, Japanese TAT themes were compared with American TAT themes (Stein, 1981) for any significant differences. It was hypothesized that significant differences in narrative themes would exist between Japanese and American subjects. The subjects included sixty male and female college students attending courses in Tokyo, Japan. Subjects were enrolled in college courses during the administration of the test and ranged in age from 18 to 27 years of age. All the participants were fluent in English--allowing them to make responses in that language; therefore, eliminating the errors inherent in translation. Japanese subjects were then compared with Morris I. Stei...

by Mounir Bashour, MD, CM, PhD, FRCSC, FACS


There exists a need for the creation of an objective system for measuring facial attractiveness and along with it a detailed mathematical analysis and understanding of facial sexual dimorphism. Both the areas of ophthalmic and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and the areas of facial attractiveness and recognition research in psychology would greatly benefit from achieving these goals. The objective of this work has been to: develop and test a system for measuring facial attractiveness in an objective manner; and analyze orbital and facial sexual dimorphism. A facial overlay system or mask variously called the phi, archetypal, golden, or golden ratio mask has been claimed to be capable of being adapted to create an objective system for measuring facial attractiveness. The cen...

by Franceska Perot, Ph.D.


For millennia a patriarchal society has ruled to the exclusion of the feminine or the Goddess who was peacefully worshipped before being completely replaced by a warrior Father God. The Goddess and hence women have been relegated to second-class citizens. The concept of woman as defined by traditional patriarchal society has disempowered the female sex and deemed them inferior. This exclusion and denigration of the divine feminine has done serious damage to women and men both individually and collectively, not to mention the damage this masculine mindset has caused to the environment through wars and other aggressive acts. In this dissertation, the history of the Goddess from the Paleolithic to the present is discussed and causes for the rise of patriarchy, such as invasions by warrior cu...

by Betty L. Creamer


During the adolescent years, young people seek to leave behind childhood and the age of "informed consent"--i.e, the years when adults informed and expected children to consent! Teenagers strive for adult roles and passionately seek ways to prove their maturity to themselves, peers, and adults. This quest for adult roles leads teens through a variety of rites of passage both formal and informal. Some rites of passage which involve youth/adult partnerships delineate the movement from childhood to adulthood in positive ways while young people (psychological orphans) who do not have adult support for rites of passage often create their own rites which involve dangerous risk-taking and destructive behavior. Aching to Age explores rites of passage both ancient and modern, formal and informa...

Paradox Lost and Paradox Regained

An Object Relations Analysis of Two Flannery O'Connor Mother-Child Dyads

by Sherry L. Lebeck


This study uses two short stories by Flannery O'Connor to explore D. W. Winnicott's theory of early childhood development. This thesis proposes that the "inherited potential" of the individual is determined by the quality of the early maternal environment, especially during the period of Winnicott's first two paradoxical stages of development: Absolute Dependence and Relative Dependence. The mother-adult/child relationships in O'Connor's two short stories "Good Country People" and "The Enduring Chill" serve as case studies to examine the ramifications of "not good-enough" mothering on the infant's psychological state during these first two stages of development. The concepts of mirroring, impingement, true and false self development, illusion, transitional phenomenon, and aggression ar...

Shades of Community and Conflict

Biracial Adults of African-American and Jewish-American Heritages

by Josylyn C. Segal


This study of eighteen adults of African-American and Jewish-American heritage explores how biracial subjects of two minority parents negotiates mixed race heritage and identity in a society that maintains a hostile attitude toward interracial unions. Data collection included1) a semi-structured interview to determine subjects' own sense of racial/ethnic identity, 2) a measure of parental closeness, and 3) a series of twelve anecdotal hypothetical situations as a stimulus to revealing subjects' affective, cognitive and behavioral responses in contexts in which the subjects mixed-heritage might be expected to evoke conflict. A qualitative analysis, incorporating socio-cultural, psychodynamic, and historical perspectives, was utilized to investigate 1) racial and cultural stereotyping, ...

by Beaton J. Walsh


Scope of Study:This dissertation examines the impact of an anti-bullying program on the prevalence of bullying in junior and senior high school. Three research questions were posed: Will an anti-bullying program reduce the prevalence of bullying in Junior (Grades 7-9) and Senior High (Grades 10-12) school? Will the program be more effective at the Junior or Senior High school level? Are there gender issues related to the effectiveness of the program (i.e., do males or females benefit more from the implementation of the program)? Findings and Conclusions: Data collected and analyzed to address the above questions suggest that the anti-bullying program was ineffective in reducing the prevalence of bullying at the junior and senior high school level. The treatment group at St. ...