by Olga Sicilia


This work focuses on contemporary Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture - widely known until the early 1990s as "Shona Sculpture" - from the perspective of a critical anthropological analysis of cultural identity and representation. The analysis frames the inception of this art movement within the colonial socio-historical circumstances of its genesis, where discourse about the producers of this art form ("Shona discourse") was created. Drawing from the social context of inequality and racial (spatial) segregation, and from the concepts of the "primitive" in art and anthropology, the author aims to show how "Shona discourse" entails a primitivist construction of the Other (i.e., the sculptors' cultural identity) that is directly linked to modernist primitivism. "Shona discourse," as a temporalising d...

'Listen To Me, I Am Still Somebody'

Understanding the Alzheimer's Disease Sufferer

by Sandra M. Kehoe, RN


Listen to Me, I Am Still Somebody introduces the Alzheimer's disease sufferer to their caregivers and the community at large. Alzheimer's disease is a devastating disease process, yet the reader will laugh and perhaps cry a little, but begin to understand. Although this is an incurable disease, the reader will be given hope and begin to heal. Family caregivers are not the only ones affected by Alzheimer's. The professional caregiver, medical personnel, police, emergency services, and our community at large will find themselves interacting with the Alzheimer's disease sufferer and their families. This book is meant for all of them. Armed with a better understanding of the disease process, communication techniques, and behavior management skills the reader will be able to create the speci...

01 Lesson: Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds!

A Real Man's Guide on How to Find, Date, and Romance the Perfect Woman

by Ross Quigley


01 LESSON: BEAUTIFUL WOMEN PREFER NERDS! is a step-by-step men's textbook for beginners on how to find and attract the Perfect Woman or Dream Girl. Beginning with a diagnostic test, the book explains dating, falling in love, and finding romance in a concise and entertaining manner, showing all the clever strategies successful men use. Time-tested methods are illustrated with humorous anecdotes and memorable thumb rules. Test Your Knowledge Skill in romance is learned, not inherited. The following is a pre-test, which you can use to test your present knowledge of romance. Anson is a short, balding, very sensitive man (but he hides his feelings) who has many friends who are girls, but he doesn't have a girlfriend. Anson wins the lottery and gets two free tickets to an expensive ...

by Al Link & Pala Copeland


Adult content, beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit. - 111 erotic photos and illustrations - 165 hot links - additional exercises - sections on: ejaculation mastery, freeing female orgasm, health benefits of sex and more! - Get free updates in electronic format for one year after date of purchase. We make everything you need to live the good life-a sensual sexy romantic life-only a simple click away with this proactive and interactive ebook. It is proactive in that we encourage you to take positive action to put love, passion and romance at the center of your life together. We have distilled the essence of nurturing relationship, keeping monogamy hot, and sustaining passionate romance into 100 sexy activities you can implement immediately. We tell you exac...

2020 Web Vision

How the Internet will Revolutionize Future Homes, Business and Society

by Robert D. Oberst


At the dawn of a new millennium, faith in technology soared following the successful eradication of the potentially paralyzing Y2K bug. Young dot-coms with little experience and possessing few assets other than a concept, flourished boasting market values in the millions and even billions of dollars. Then reality settled in as the market crashed and over a hundred dot-coms perished. The highflying NASDAQ dropped over 60% and the longest economic expansion teetered on the brink of recession. Despite the disconcerting scenario, this was not the demise of the Web, but merely the conclusion of its innocent childhood or the first stage of meteoric growth. After all, the Web was only 10 years old. There were still trillions of dollars worth of opportunities, as the more rigorous applicatio...

by Mark Robinson


American business is awakening to the growing importance of its "human capital"-the capabilities, knowledge, experience, wellness, and full potential of its people. In today's increasingly knowledge-based economy, some companies have begun to realize that solutions lie in optimizing their return on investments in employee health by increasing worker productivity. Yet many employers do not realize the relationship of their employees' health to corporate performance. While striving to contain the rising medical costs that put them at a disadvantage against global competitors, they are missing the competitive advantage to be gained from investing wisely in the health-and thereby, the productivity-of their work force. This book was written to help employers create healthy, happy and motivat...

365 Days of Coaching

Because Life Happens Every Day

by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, MCC, MS, PhD


365 Days of Coaching is like having your own personal coach who visits daily and supports you in making changes in your life. Coach Lee provides support, motivation and encourgement in a fun and enthusing way.

365 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit

Practical Ideas for Every Not-for-Profit Organization

by April R. Jervis


In 365 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit, April Jervis presents nonprofit professionals with new and diverse methods for using community-building experiences to raise the funds needed to support any cause. With ideas ranging from traditional bake sales and canned food drives to modern podcasts and Facebook pages, all of the methods you need to help support your organization are here, in one easy-to-reference volume. In today’s rapidly changing economic times, not-for-profit organizations are best prepared to maintain their support by diversifying their income sources. Don’t let the mission of your organization be jeopardized by depending on one source of funding! 365 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit will teach you how to reach out to your community in new and exciting way...

by Fatima Muhammad Muhaidat


This study investigates the problems translators encounter when rendering features of Dickens's style in A Tale of Two Cities into Arabic. Examples of these features are singled out and analyzed. Then, they are compared with their counterparts in published translations of the novel in Arabic. The comparisons depend on back translation to give non-readers of Arabic a clear idea about the similarities and differences between the source text and target one(s). The features under focus are sound effects, figurative language, humor, repetition, and the French element. The discussion dedicated to onomatopoeia, alliteration, and rhyme shows that there is no one-to-one correspondence between English and Arabic in reflecting these linguistic phenomena. Translators may resort to techniques like rew...

by Whye-Teong Ang


This is a course in boundary element methods for the absolute beginners. Basic concepts are carefully explained through the use of progressively more complicated boundary value problems in engineering and physical sciences. The readers are assumed to have prior basic knowledge of vector calculus (covering topics such as line, surface and volume integrals and the various integral theorems), ordinary and partial differential equations, complex variables, and computer programming.

by Steven R. Pollock


This doctoral dissertation performs correlational analysis using a validated instrument to collect data from internal coaches and certified Six Sigma Green Belts about their perceptions of the key drivers of project outcomes. The data were collected from a large healthcare organization in the United States. The conclusion of the study is that internal coaching positively influences project outcomes. The internal coaches and Green Belts studied, however, do not agree on how collaboration occurs. The internal coaches did not perceive they support Green Belt teams in a consistent manner. The general theme for the internal coaches was the value they placed on their coaching expertise and education level when supporting Green Belts. On the other hand, the Green Belts perceived the support gi...

A Brief Course in Linear Algebra

Matrices and Matrix Equations for Undergraduate Students in Applied Mathematics, Science and Engineering

by Whye-Teong Ang


This book contains a brief course in elementary linear algebra with emphasis on solving systems of linear algebraic and ordinary differential equations. It is written for undergraduate students in the disciplines of applied mathematics, science and engineering. Topics covered include basics of matrices and vectors, systems of linear algebraic equations, matrix inverse, matrix determinant, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, matrix diagonalization, and systems of first order linear ordinary differential equations. The connections between the topics are carefully elucidated. Derivations or proofs are given in detail for all the main results in the book. Basic knowledge of the arithmetic of complex numbers and exposure to elementary functions and calculus are assumed. Problems are set at the end of...

by Grace Hui Chin Lin


The purpose of this study was to identify what were Taiwanese University English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners’ perceptions about learning communication strategies. This study collected qualitative data about students’ beliefs and attitudes as they learned communication strategies. The research question guiding the study was: What are Taiwanese University EFL learners’ perceptions about learning communication strategies? Twenty-four university students were trained for 10 weeks to use strategies in Faerch and Kasper’s (1983a) taxonomy, and seven volunteers were interviewed. None of the students majored in English but were enrolled in a required Basic English course in a Freshman English Non-Majors’ (FENM) program in Agriculture College at Tunghai University. In the middle...

by James K. Hawkins


While serving as governor of Mississippi from 1980 until 1984, William F. Winter envisioned education as a key to moving Mississippi away from poverty. He championed educational reform as the means for improving schools with low student achievement. From the beginning of his tenure, Winter's goal was to improve K-12 education by implementing three needed improvements: public kindergarten, compulsory attendance, and a lay board of education. During the first two years of his administration, Winter struggled to gain support from within the legislative body itself. Mores of Mississippi, which relegated African-Americans to a lesser role of social status, were difficult to overcome without causing a great deal of social upheaval. Winter's goal of educational reform was inclusive and not just a...

by Simon Higginson


Since the turn of the century the use of computer-mediated-communication (CMC) has become more widespread in educational contexts and weblogs (blogs), one of the more popular forms of CMC (Bloch, 2007), have been the focus of numerous studies. However, whilst these studies have listed the potential benefits of blog use for language learners, few studies have offered any practical tips for educators who wish to implement the use of writing blogs in the EFL classroom. Moreover, the vast majority of studies have focused on the use of blogs with relatively high-level learners in academic contexts. This small-scale study focuses on how the use of blogs impact on the writing of a group of low-level learners in a tertiary EFL context in Chile. Moreover, it presents a tentative model to explain...

by Melvin H. Schuetz


Chesley Bonestell has been called the "Father of Space Art." His photorealistic paintings of the Moon and planets, and other worlds beyond, have awed us since they were first published, over half a century ago. Moreover, he showed, long before Gagarin or Glenn, what it would be like for humans to explore the vastness of space. As author Howard E. McCurdy has written in his book, Space and the American Imagination: "No artist had more impact on the emerging popular culture of space in America than Chesley Bonestell. . . . Through his visual images, he stimulated the interest of a generation of Americans and showed how space travel would be accomplished." Considering his great influence on both the public interest in space flight and the actual development of a national space program, ...

A Combat Advisor's Guide to Tribal Engagement

History, Law and War as Operational Elements

by Patrick James Christian with a Foreword by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) David L. Grange


This book was written as a source of information and instruction, primarily for government and contractor personnel engaged in the conduct of combat advising, tribal engagement, provincial reconstruction, social development, and conflict resolution at the tribal, foreign military/government, or other sub-cultural level. It will also be of interest to the families and friends who remain behind and find the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America incomprehensible. They may find that this guide helps to clarify at least the intended goals, if not the methodology, that deployed personnel are supposed to be following. Reviews "I finally finished Patrick Christian's work and can say it is one of the best perspectives I have read lately on tribal engagements. ...

A Communications Protocol in a Synchronous Chat Environment

Student Satisfaction in a Web-Based Computer Science Course

by Paul J. Giguere


The effects of a communications protocol in a synchronous on-line chat environment on the satisfaction of students in a Web-based computer science course was studied. Two undergraduate faculty members who teach Web-based courses, and 42 students in four separate computer science courses participated in the study. Students completed a pretest that measured their prior experience, current attitudes, and expectations with regards to synchronous chats in a Web-based course. Two classes of students were introduced to a communications protocol by the instructors that was used throughout the course while in synchronous chat. The other two classes did not use a protocol. A posttest was administe...

by Susan D. Ferrell


This research is a comparative policy study of Social Security legislation, including Medicare, and tax-deferred retirement savings plan legislation. Specifically, the study sought evidence that would indicate whether the systems are independent, work together, reinforce one another, conflict with one another, or work against one another. Additionally the research looked at whether the original intent of the legislation had been fulfilled. Research indicates that employees need additional pre-retirement education so they learn to save more and invest wisely to maximize their earnings potential.

by Richard C. McLendon


Since 1991, the Russian Federation has dealt with extreme political, economic, and social change. On the national level and at the local level, opponents of democratic reforms have retained their control of many important offices. This has resulted in contradictions and confusion in regards to national and local laws and policies, and has had little impact on local educational policies and practices. Added to this general crisis of Russian education reform is the inability of so-called Western education experts to comprehend the complexities and cultural differences of Russia and its education system when compared to the west. There have been several studies of business management ideology since the breakup of the Soviet Union, but American and Russian comparative educational leadershi...

by Roy Hamilton


The effect of video and written modeling on self-efficacy of 70 master's degree students enrolled in their first techniques course was investigated. The ability to understand and use reflection of content, feeling, and meaning was presented to the experimental group through videotaped instruction and examples and the control group through written instruction and examples. Facts about reflecting skills, which included information and three vignettes, demonstrated the use of the skills. Through two pilot studies, the Reflecting Skills Questionnaire (RSQ) developed for this study showed convergent validity with the Counseling Self-Estimate Inventory (COSE). Participants' indication of self-efficacy for the reflection of content, feeling, and meaning was assessed by the RSQ. A t - test wa...

by Peter A. Chew


This dissertation provides a coherent, synchronic, broad-coverage, generative phonology of Russian. I test the grammar empirically in a number of ways to determine its goodness of fit to Russian. In taking this approach, I aim to avoid making untested (or even incoherent) generalizations based on only a handful of examples. In most cases, the tests show that there are exceptions to the theory, but at least we know what the exceptions are, a baseline is set against which future theories can be measured, and in most cases the percentage of exceptional cases is reduced to below 5%. The principal theoretical outcomes of the work are as follows. First, I show that all of the p...

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Case Management Activities for Diabetes

A Quasi-Experimental Study from One Medicare Advantage Plan's Perspective

by Felix J. Bradbury


The economic and human costs of diabetes in the U.S. population place an enormous burden on its healthcare system as well as on employers, diabetics, and their respective families. Many Medicare Advantage plans have responded to this burden by implementing diabetes case management programs (DCMPs) aimed at reducing inappropriate health services utilization, improving health outcomes, and containing costs. While the use of DCMPs is common to many health plans, the research regarding their effectiveness has been sparse or inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to help fill a critical gap in the research literature by evaluating the effect of a diabetes case management program known as CareContact on a Medicare population in Texas. The study population consisted of 2,972 confirmed diabet...

by Elijah W. Bullard


This cross-cultural study investigates help-seeking for depression among Japanese primary school teachers. Help-seeking for depressive symptoms is examined quantitatively by administering the Help-Seeking Scale for Depression among participants. In addition, this study qualitatively examines the help-seeking pathways of participants according to Kleinman's explanatory model of help-seeking. The objective of the study was to determine possible motivators for Japanese and other Asian people to seek professional help for symptoms of mental illness. The participants consisted of 71 Japanese school teachers from four primary schools located in the Kansai region of Japan. Participants' conceptualizations of depression were assessed using the Help-Seeking Scale for Depression (HSSD) after read...

A Decomposition Analysis of Immigrants-Natives Wages in the UK

Evidence from the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, 2009

by Muhammad Anees


Immigrants are characterized on the average with higher human capital and are rewarded potentially less as compared to their native counterparts. This question has motivated me to analyze the immigrants-natives wage gap in detail and find the extent of this potential discrimination against the immigrants. I analyze the data from the first two quarters of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, 2009 using the Oaxaca Decomposition technique. Applying both the threefold and twofold decomposition approaches, I computed the wage gap first using simple decomposition based on threefold and then the twofold approaches using both coefficients of the native model and coefficients of the pooled model as weights separately. My findings from these computations are that immigrants have on the average higher ...

A Delta-man in Yebu

Occasional Volume of the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum No. 1

by Aayko Eyma


A collection of papers from the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum ( on a variety of Egyptological topics, of interest to both professionals and laypersons. Five broad themes may be discerned: royalty in ancient Egypt, scarabs and funerary items, archaeology and early Egypt, Egyptology -- past, present and future, and ancient Egyptian language, science and religion. Table of Contents Preface Lorton, David - The Institution of Kingship in Ancient Egypt Gaber, Amr - Aspects of the Deification of Some Old Kingdom Kings Rocchi, Federico - The First Prophet of Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten Kramer, Arris - Enigmatic Kiya Bennett, Chris - Three Notes on Arsinoe I Sarr, John - The Gayer-Anderson Amenhotep III Commemorative Scarabs in the Portland Art Museum: Their Discovery...

A Flight Attendant's Essential Guide

From Passenger Relations to Challenging Situations

by Colin C. Law


A Flight Attendant's Essential Guide is written for airline executives, university lecturers who specialize in the airline industry, and for undergraduate students preparing for a career as a flight attendant. Those working in passenger, aircraft, airport as well as general communications at an airport or aircraft can benefit from this book though a thorough understanding the responsibilities of flight attendants. This textbook focuses on the passenger aspect of in-flight service, including operations and communication skills, and how flight attendants interact with passengers at each phase of a flight. TEACHING MATERIAL for INSTRUCTORS Contact Publisher for PowerPoint companion slide presentation available for each chapter. Samples chapters below Chapter 1 - The Flight Attendant Chapt...

A Gaffer's Perspective on Independent Filmmaking

Practices, Techniques, and Tricks of the Trade Revealed

by Rick M. Lord


In today's digital age, thousands and thousands of independent filmmakers are challenging Hollywood's elite, best-of-the-best film producers. A Gaffer's Perspective on Independent Filmmaking examines why so many first-time independent film productions are doomed to failure before the first day of principal photography ever begins. Learning what dooms a production is only half of the process; teaching successful practices and techniques, while revealing many of the tricks of the trade used by the big productions, is the other half. With examples of actual productions gone awry, combined with "should haves," this book is a "must have" for a successful filmmaking experience.

by Tian Qiao Lu


Maonan is a Kam-Tai (Tai-Kadai) language spoken by 75,000 people in the border area of Guangxi and Guizhou provinces of China. This grammar book is the first volume to account for the phonology, word-formation, syntax, grammaticalization and lexicalization patterns of Maonan from a typological and ethno-linguistic perspective. It renders a comprehensive description of Maonan with analysis of the neutralization of semantic macroroles and the dialectic interrelations between subject and topic. Particular attention is paid to the interplay between syntactic and semantic valencies.The detailed analysis of the Maonan aspects is also unprecedented. It examines Maonan tone sandhi from a totally new approach. The book also gives a full description of the clause final particles of Maonan.

A Grounded Theory Study of Truth-Telling in Cancer

Perceptions of White British and British South Asian Community Workers

by Kelvin Karim


Truth-telling about life-threatening cancer illness is a controversial matter. Few studies have explored attitudes towards truth-telling among people from migrant communities living in cultures different to their own. The purpose of this grounded theory study was to explore the perceptions of white British and British south Asian community workers within the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall as to the factors that influence truth-telling. In-depth, focused interviews were carried out with a sample of 20 key informants. A theoretical model was developed which describes the factors that lead to an imperative for family to act as gate-keepers of information exchange. The model describes the strategies used and the narrower and broader contexts in which they take place. The implications for prac...