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Integrated Asset Management for Corridor Infrastructure

A Wider Asset Management Perspective for an Enhanced Level of Service

by Soliman Abu-Samra & Mahmoud Ahmed

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2017
Pages: 194
ISBN-10: 1627346503
ISBN-13: 9781627346504
Categories: Geography & GISTechnology, Engineering & Transportation


Integrated Asset Management is gradually becoming an appealing mechanism for undertaking the corridor infrastructure interventions in an efficient manner. Amplified financial pressure on governments, through steeply growing deficits, and the increasing expectations from the end-users for enhanced service levels urge the need for an effective approach that meets their expectations within the limited available resources. This book introduces an integrated asset management approach for proactively managing the cities' corridors effectively. The decision-making system is designed to analyze the roads and water networks integration benefits on the life-cycle costs, physical state/reliability, replacement value, and user costs. Stochastic and multivariate regression deterioration models are developed for roads. Weibull models are developed for simulating the decline in the water networks reliability over time. Goal Optimization models are used to trade-off various decision scenarios and a friendly interface is built to compare the scenarios' implications on various key performance indicators.

About the Author

Soliman Abu-Samra is a motivated civil engineer with blended professional and academic experience in project and infrastructure asset management. Soliman has pursued his bachelor and master degrees in Construction/Infrastructure Management with highest honors and is currently working towards his doctoral degree (Ph.D) in Civil Engineering . Throughout his academic career, he has published numerous books, journal, and conference articles about establishing proper management systems for diverse infrastructure assets and construction operations. Furthermore, he has given a TED talk about the challenges facing the governments in managing their infrastructure and proposed solutions to overcome the growing infrastructure deficit. Alternatively, his professional experience in mega-scale worldwide projects has framed the real-life problems’ governments and contractors are facing while managing their assets.