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Soft-Computing in Capital Market

Research and Methods of Computational Finance for Measuring Risk of Financial Instruments

by Jibendu Kumar Mantri (editor)

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2014
Pages: 193
ISBN-10: 1627345035
ISBN-13: 9781627345033
Categories: Computer & Information SciencesComputers & ElectronicsBusiness & Economics


Computational Finance, an exciting new cross-disciplinary research area, depends extensively on the tools and techniques of computer science, statistics, information systems and financial economics for educating the next generation of financial researchers, analysts, risk managers, and financial information technology professionals. This new discipline, sometimes also referred to as “Financial Engineering” or “Quantitative Finance” needs professionals with extensive skills both in finance and mathematics along with specialization in computer science. Soft-Computing in Capital Market hopes to fulfill the need of applications of this offshoot of the technology by providing a diverse collection of cross-disciplinary research.

This edited volume covers most of the recent, advanced research and practical areas in computational finance, starting from traditional fundamental analysis using algebraic and geometric tools to the logic of science to explore information from financial data without prejudice. Utilizing various methods, computational finance researchers aim to determine the financial risk with greater precision that certain financial instruments create. In this line of interest, twelve papers dealing with new techniques and/or novel applications related to computational intelligence, such as statistics, econometrics, neural- network, and various numerical algorithms are included in this volume.