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Using People and Getting Rich

How I Made Millions Using Seven Kinds of People

by Michael Wonder Asanji

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2023
Pages: 134
ISBN-10: 1627344349
ISBN-13: 9781627344340
Categories: SociologyPsychology


Everything on earth revolves around people. Your success or your failure revolves around people. Those who have made the most out of their life understood the key and secret of using people. Now think about the top billionaires around the world, the keyword empowering their success story is people.

In politics, think about our world leaders, they are nothing without people.

This book is an in-depth study of people and how they can be used to achieve anything. I personally share my success story in this manuscript of how I used seven kinds of people to make millions. If you are in politics, trying to win an election, or you are in a university trying to make good grades, or even in business trying to succeed, then this book is for you.

This book exposes the core categories of people you need to make a solid team for your success vision. It is not another motivational book out there. The key to greatness lies within the pages of this manuscript. This is a must-read for everyone on the road to success.


Dr. wonder is a man with a proven track record of success in life, I have had several opportunities of listening to him speak and I have been greatly inspired. The wisdom nuggets in this book make it a must for everyone to get. You can't be disappointed, quote me anywhere.
---Dr. Yemisi Ajibade-Soyombo, OD

Good book to open when you are looking for the right motivation, from an author that balances practical theories with life-changing principles. I'm confident I can achieve my money goals after applying all the principles in the book.
---Dr. Sharon Peters, Fertility Expert / Medical Consultant

I have read several inspirational books, this is a unique piece of work, having reviewed the book and I can boldly say the author is possessed with wisdom. This book is a life-changing course for anyone who seeks to be transformed. It possesses unique life concepts to make you Rich. Go for it.
---Dr. Clive O. DDS

About the Author

Michael Wonder was born in Cameroon, became an orphan at the young age of 10, and lost his younger brother to cancer a few years later. Both events, especially the latter, altered the entire course of his life, and solidified his resolve to train as a medical doctor against all odds. Having no money, Michael learnt at an early age the power of people over money, and began to meticulously 'use' people. In 2007 the strength of this resolve pushed the 19-year-old into making a boat trip to Nigeria where he was eventually admitted into the department of Optometry at the University of Benin. After many business and personal successes, he graduated with a certificate as a Doctor of Optometry in 2020. Michael Wonder is a prolific speaker and a life coach with a deep passion for transforming the lives of young men and women around the world.