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The Rise of Security and Why We Always Want More

by Mike Croll


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2023
Pages: 270
ISBN-10: 1627344322
ISBN-13: 9781627344326
Categories: SociologySocial SciencePolitical Science


Security is now a $500 billion global business, and it`s growing fast.

It's developed from the night watchman keeping a sleepy eye out, to the guard patrolling the shopping mall, to smart surveillance systems monitoring everything, everywhere, all the time.

This book explains:

--how demand for security is generated by an alignment of interests between big business, insurance companies, the media, lawyers, politicians, and human nature; --how our response to terrorism is driven by fear rather than risk;

--and how security has become a key feature of our lives at home, on-line, at work, when shopping, and when flying.

This is a panoramic view from an industry insider who describes why the more security we have, the more we want.

And crucial question emerges, as security incorporates new technology including facial recognition, drones, artificial intelligence, digital analytics, location and heart rate monitoring: are we creating Big Brother or Big Mother?

It`s probably the most interesting book on security that you`ll ever read.


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About the Author

Mike Croll was a uniformed guard at a supermarket before going on to hold some of the most senior appointments in international security management including with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the European Union, the United Nations, and with Facebook.

Along the way he has also been a diplomat, an army bomb disposal officer, a humanitarian deminer, and a university lecturer.