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Creating Relationship Wellness

An Introduction to the Techniques of Mindfulness for Healthy Relationships

by Stephanie Wijkstrom

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2021
Pages: 148
ISBN-10: 1627343377
ISBN-13: 9781627343374
Categories: SociologyPsychology


Creating Relationship Wellness is a tool book to be used by couples who want to gain the skill of relationship wellness. Each chapter offers evidence-based, and therapist verified techniques to gain insight into yourself and your partners world. Creating Relationship Wellness offers skills-based interventions that draw upon the fields of mindfulness and behavioral psychology, both recognized as pathways to enrichment. Each segment of this text builds upon the previous in an effort to lead the reader toward a mastery of relationship wellness.

Divorce, separation, or disconnection do not always need to be the solution, a new approach to your problems will empower your path to reconnection. Prepare to break down specific methods of mindfulness and apply them during each chapter’s exercises as you practice to enhance your relationship. Each segment ends with practical exercises to do together or independently. In this unique text, you are offered thoughtful meditations that make relationship improvement understandable and easy.

The writer houses an intimate understanding of human emotions and connections that she intersects in a meaningful way. It is not necessary to wait to improve your love until it is ailing, but here and now, relationship enhancement is offered as a preventative strategy in the attainment of interconnected wellbeing.


Stephanie is a dynamic and skilled marriage counselor and relationship expert. From teaching seminars, to offering strategic and impactful care, her couples therapy interventions are accessible and effective in healing love. This text is truly the culmination of her best relationship work!
--Corretta Doctor, International Coach and Author

Stephanie is an advocate for change through her work with couples and her application of multiple couples therapy and wellness methods. Stephanie has the unique ability to balance her clinical expertise with an empathetic and wise heart. The combination of these attributes makes Stephanie not just a clinician to learn from but also as a soulful human being.
--Tess Inman, LPC, NCC Couples Therapist

I have been a first-hand witness to the remarkable work Stephanie does with so many couples who many would have considered beyond hope for reconciling and healing their marriages. Stephanie truly has a special talent to empower these individuals to heal from their traumas and begin to communicate in ways that enable their continued healing and growth as a couple.
--Nicole Monteleone, LPC, NCC Trauma therapist and expert in Mindfulness Based Therapy.

About the Author

Stephanie Wijkstrom, MS, LPC is a licensed counselor who for the last decade, has specialized in providing marriage counseling that aids couples in recovery from complex and common relationship issues. She has worked with countless couples in various phases of distress by using targeted interventions which blend together mindfulness-based strategies with behavioral psychology and communication techniques.