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The Pediatric Primer

A Medical Encyclopedia for Caring for Sick and Well Children

by Michael W. Simon, MD, PhD

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2020
Pages: 422
ISBN-10: 1627343121
ISBN-13: 9781627343121
Categories: Medical & Health ScienceMedicine & Health


Your children are always on the move, and keeping up with the best treatment for their bumps and scrapes, fevers and colds, is a challenge for even the most experienced parents. This book is an essential resource for parents and grandparents of all skill levels, addressing the most common pediatric questions in caring for children of all ages, from infant through teenage years. From feeding strategies that will help your baby sleep through the night, to the best treatment for quick recovery from mononucleosis, caretakers will find tried-and-true, practical tips to keeping their children healthy, safe, and thriving through childhood. In addition to information and treatments for various childhood illnesses, the following topics are also discussed:
* Newborn care.
* A feeding routine to get babies to sleep through the night.
* A sensible approach to pediatric vaccinations.
* Tricks for toilet training and taming tantrums.
* Sun protection and tick and mosquito prevention.
* Nutritious eating guidelines.
* How to select the appropriate toy for a child.
* Tips for selecting a daycare.
* Information about acceptable screen time and gaming addiction.
* Ways to eliminate ear infections including swimmer's ear and avoid ear tubes.
* Occurrence and recovery from traumatic brain injuries/concussions.
* Picking the right pet.
* Recovery from mononucleosis and return to school in 7 to 10 days.
* No more colds. Nasal spray that protects against URI's.
* Hazards of e-cigarettes and vaping.
* Safely play outdoors in cold weather.


Comprehensive and user friendly, The Pediatric Primer can be used as an encyclopedia for all aspects of raising kids! Dr. Simon is thorough in covering every imaginable childhood topic, and answering every question new, or experienced, parents could have. If only this had been available the past 16 years as I’ve raised twin boys myself!
--Penne Lentz, Sr. Healthcare Representative, Tris Pharma

Dr. Simon is an avid consumer of medical literature and deeply involved in research in a wide range of topics from dermatological treatments to vaccinations. Patients and their families always receive sound, practical, and evidence-based care that is delivered in a compassionate manner.
--Erin Wilson, APRN, C-PNP

Written by a most brilliant pediatrician! It’s as if you have Dr. Simon sitting at your kitchen table!
--Dr. Tammy Hoskins, Optometrist

We have been fortunate to have Dr. Simon as our family pediatrician as well as the advice/recommendations he gives to us....We Definitely hit a home run with Dr. Simon!
--Heather Lacefield, patient

For K through 12 teachers, The Pediatric Primer makes an invaluable reference tool. From stomach aches and nose bleeds to stress and substance abuse, "The Pediatric Primer" describes in everyday language the most common health issues teachers will encounter in the classroom. Equally helpful are sections on less-common conditions that teachers are expected to understand and accommodate. Engaging and informative, this A to Z primer belongs on every teacher's bookshelf.
Sarah Miller, educator

About the Author

Michael W. Simon, M.D., Ph.D., is a native of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. He was trained as a microbiologist and received a Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Simon completed his M.D. degree at University of Kentucky. As a senior medical student, he received the John H. Githens Award for excellence in pediatrics. Dr. Simon received the Pediatric Intern of the Year Award. He completed his pediatric training at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. He has published original basic research and clinical articles. Dr. Simon has pioneered more effective treatment for infectious mononucleosis. He is a member of the Scientific Research Society of North America and the American Academy of Pediatrics. He and his wife reside in Lexington, Kentucky and have four adult children.