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How to Stop Dying for a Cigarette

A Workbook-Diary to Enable Smokers to Break the Habit Without Drugs, Substitutes or Withdrawal

by Ruthe Price

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2020
Pages: 80
ISBN-10: 1627342966
ISBN-13: 9781627342964
Categories: PsychologyPsychology


Are you serious about ending your addiction to cigarettes? Are you ready to break free of tobacco without drugs, patches or the agony of withdrawal?

The reason smokers cannot stop smoking is twofold. One, the cigarette companies have deliberately added chemicals that are effective in addicting the user and two, the act of lighting up is always connected to something else. The cure lies in the breaking of those connections. This is drug addiction but, unfortunately, the methods that affect other addictions don't work.

HOW TO STOP DYING FOR A CIGARETTE uses the how, when and where of your smoking habit to attack the root cause of your addiction. As you dissociate smoking from the activities to which you’ve attached it, you begin to resent its intrusion into your life. The more you lessen your intake of nicotine and reduce your physiological cravings, the more smoking becomes downright annoying. Before long, you won’t want to be bothered to light up anymore, and you’re free.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not! This workbook-diary, a pen or pencil and the sincere desire to get out of the clutches of tobacco companies are all you need to get started. The author created this program and used it successfully to end her 25-year smoking addiction without medication, hypnosis or workshops. The only side-effects were loss of stale tobacco odor, cessation of constant coughing, heightened senses of taste and smell, increased energy level, and a much higher likelihood of living into old age!

Following simple exercises and recording your experiences and feelings in the included diary that only you will read will guide you toward freedom from tobacco. It can be done! The sincere desire and determination to succeed are all you need to get started with the HOW TO STOP DYING FOR A CIGARETTE program. Pick up this book, and you’ll have made a great start toward putting down cigarettes for good.


You have written a helpful guide here, and it addresses many of the secondary rewards that are embedded in smoking addiction. In breaking the association between smoking and pleasurable activities, and in making smoking more of a required chore than reward, you are challenging the place that cigarettes have in people’s lives. You also address the fear that one is relinquishing their “friend” forever, thereby activating feelings of loss and anxiety..
Carol Povenmire, Ph.D.

I saw my mother use this method to break a 25-year smoking addiction. It works!
Michael Geier

About the Author

I smoked for 25 years. When it became necessary to quit, I couldn't. I tried it all. Nothing worked. I have an educational background that includes the study of psychology. When I realized the problem, I created this method, using myself as the “guinea pig”. I successfully broke the addiction after completion of a course in throat cancer surgery and esophegeal speech at the University of Miami Medical School, a groundbreaking symposium drawing doctors and speech therapists from around the world. There, I watched in horror as my post-operative patient lit up through the hole (stoma) at the base of his throat, his only source of breath or sound. The surgery was difficult to watch. Esophageal speech had just been created and, since non-victims could not emulate the process, was difficult to teach. This small book is the method I devised by which I and several friends stopped smoking. It works. All that's needed is the desire to quit and the diary.