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Enrichment is not a Packet!

Out of the Box Strategies to Enrich Your High Level Students in a Truly Differentiated Classroom

by Michelle J. Marks


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2019
Pages: 110
ISBN-10: 1627342575
ISBN-13: 9781627342575
Categories: Research & AdministrationEducationTextbooks & Study Guides


Enrichment is not a Packet! provides educators with meaningful and practical strategies for engaging and challenging their highly capable learners. In it educators will discover approaches to offer choices within the classroom in ways that will allow the daily routine to run more smoothly. Educators will discover how to integrate proven techniques to motivate gifted students to reach beyond the bar of the standards. The target audience for this book would be classroom teachers, gifted and talented teachers, homeschool teachers, administrators, and curriculum directors who work with children in grades K-5. This book is different than others in the field because it is geared toward multiple grade levels and subject areas; therefore the ideas and strategies presented can be used from kindergarten to grade five and in all disciplines. This book also offers the reader a realistic, more up to date, technologically savvy approach that engages the modern learner.


"Michelle Marks takes the stress out of coming up with new ideas for differentiating. This book gives simple and effective ways to reach unique student needs in each and every classroom. She makes it clear that there's no need to "reinvent the wheel" every week. Many of her activities will save a teacher's valuable prep time because they can be used over and over again in a variety of ways. Students and teachers alike will find these strategies effective and exciting."
--Kerry Brennan, Elementary Teacher

"From novice to seasoned teachers, everyone needs a copy of this book in their classroom. Applying the strategies outlined here will increase differentiation and help promote a well-balanced classroom. The choices presented are easy to apply to any grade level and will keep students engaged. The best part is how easily adaptable each strategy is. Teachers don't need more work, they need better ways to use what they already have. The answers lie within this book!"
--Caitlin Smith, ELL teacher

"As an experienced Reading Specialist, I think this resource book should be in all classrooms. It would be very useful to all teachers to help implement various strategies and differentiate instruction during their lessons. I loved how Michelle used so many strategies for different subjects in one resource book. It is such a quick and easy read. It also takes several steps out of teachers planning day! Teachers wear so many hats these days and we are asked to do so many tasks. It relieves a lot of stress that there is one resource book to find so many fun and innovative strategies that can be utilized and implemented quickly!"
--Fran White, Reading/Literacy Coach

"Michelle Marks gathers the theories behind differentiated instruction and applies it in this sensible and effective book. A necessity for all school teachers, this book incorporates the key components of differentiated instruction and puts practical strategies in place for all teachers to allow their students to achieve success in all subject areas. Teacher-dependent and student-dependent differentiated concepts presented in this book could be adapted to any grade level, K-12, and is a must read for any teacher wishing to allow their students to reach his or her maximum potential."
--Maria C. Carrell, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

"I encourage all teachers, at any level, to read this book as an easy-to-follow guide and/or refresher for differentiation and enrichment. Setting up a classroom at the beginning of the year is a daunting task, and Michelle's tried and true practices for planning multi-level instruction are exactly what teachers need to guide us. Without a doubt, you will discover process improvements for several parts of your day. Your learning community, and families, will thank you!"
--Natalie Donahue, Middle School Honors Literacy Teacher

About the Author

Michelle J. Marks has been teaching in both public and private schools for more than 20 years. She considers herself as a life long learner whose passion is to inspire tomorrow's innovators. Michelle has a B.A. in English and Communication from the University of Delaware and a Masters Degree from Montclair State University in Educational Technology. She has taught grades kindergarten through six and has specialized in accelerated math, science, literacy and gifted education. She is also a seasoned presenter and professional development facilitator. In addition to her classroom endeavors Michelle is proud to have been a NASA Explorer School Educator by which she was lucky enough to have designed experiments and personally flown on the Zero-G Aircraft twice through the Teaching from Space program. She uses her NASA adventures as inspiration and as a platform to ignite students' curiosity and thirst for learning.

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