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Developing Graduate Employability Skills

Your Pathway to Employment

by Mercy V. Chaita

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2016
Pages: 143
ISBN-10: 1627340564
ISBN-13: 9781627340564
Categories: Business Management & AdministrationBusiness & Economics


This book is more than a prescription for success in developing employability skills and provides guidance on topics of relevancy to the employment environment. This book is unique and distinguished from similar books in that it provides a hand-holding approach which is complemented by solid case studies emphasizing the perspectives of employers. In addition, the book focuses on a broad-based audience, starting from the grassroots audience of graduates. However, as the book progresses, the techniques provided address issues that relate to any job seeker, be it jobless or merely seeking change of employment. The audience will benefit from models such as Skills Audit, Interview techniques and the whole employment process from pre-interview preliminaries to completing a successful probationary period.

About the Author

Dr. Mercy Chaita studied at the University of Liverpool where she graduated with an MBA, MSc, Post Graduate Diploma and a PhD, before lecturing for the same University for 8 years. As an Assistant Professor, she has a solid academic background which is supported by industry experience in Business and Economic Development. Dr. Chaita's passion and handholding approach to supporting graduates was influenced by her own realization of the needs of potential employers after working for many years, in both the academia and the business community. The genesis of this unique approach was drawn from personal experiences in the workplace as an academic, leader and professional development practitioner. She started by analysing the skills requirements of the workplace before extending that knowledge to helping graduates bridge the gap between academic knowledge and employability skills required in the work environment.