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Criminal Justice 101

A First Course

by Richard C. Sprinthall, John J. DeFrancesco, & Althea Lloyd


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2015
Pages: 326
ISBN-10: 1627340416
ISBN-13: 9781627340410
Categories: SociologySocial ScienceTextbooks & Study Guides


Criminal Justice 101 is an introductory level textbook intended for beginning criminal justice students. The fundamentals and basic tenets of criminal justice, including law enforcement, the roots of crime, the court system, corrections, drugs and crime, and the juvenile justice system, are covered in just twelve chapters. General principles of law are also discussed in straightforward, concise language, as well as research methods in criminal justice. Case studies, brief biographies of notable individuals, and a glossary are included. This text strives to omit the unnecessary legal jargon and esoteric terminology found in so many other introductory criminal justice textbooks. Students are encouraged to engage with the material as they gain an understanding about the foundations of this challenging and complex field.

About the Author

Richard C. Sprinthall is a professor emeritus at American International College.

John J. DeFrancesco is a professor of psychology and criminal justice at American International College.

Althea Lloyd is an attorney at Windham Superior Court, Vermont.