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Nanotechnology for Water Purification

by Tania Dey (editor)

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2013
Pages: 259
ISBN-10: 1612336191
ISBN-13: 9781612336190
Categories: EngineeringPhysics & ChemistryTechnology, Engineering & Transportation


Nanotechnology is a highly inter- and multi- disciplinary application oriented research area. Not only does it find its use in nanomedicine, solar cells, sensor development and so on, but can also be effectively utilized to prevent water pollution. Nanostructured materials such as magnetic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, silver-impregnated cyclodextrin nanocomposites, nanostructured iron-zeolites, carbo-iron nanomaterials, photocatalytic titania nanoparticles, nanofiltration membranes and functionalized silica nanoparticles can be employed in water treatment to remove heavy metals, sediments, chemical effluents, charged particles, bacteria and other pathogens. This edited book comprises several review-style chapters written by world experts. The chapters are devoted to each of these nanotechnology based approaches: basic principles, practical applications, recent break-through and limitations associated with it. The last chapter covers the environmental risks of applying engineered nanomaterials for water purification. The wealth of information and insight offered in this book will be appealing to scientists and researchers over a wide range of disciplines.

About the Author

Tania Dey comes from a Chemistry background. She earned her PhD in 2002 and since then has worked as a Research Scientist mostly in North America. Her research expertise encompasses various interdisciplinary areas in Colloid/Polymer Science, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. She has authored several research papers, review articles, books and book reviews. She was awarded Marquis Who's Who in America in 2009, for her research accomplishments. She also serves as an Editor for a couple of journals. The author can be reached at: [email protected]