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The Theosophical Society

The History of a Spiritualist Movement

by Jeffrey D. Lavoie

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2012
Pages: 381
ISBN-10: 1612335535
ISBN-13: 9781612335537
Categories: HistoryHistory & BiographyPhilosophy, & Theology


This peer-reviewed study represents a culmination of years of research into the history of the Theosophical Society. In this unique project which combines biographies with source analyses, Jeffrey D. Lavoie records a detailed history of the early Theosophical Society and examines its relationship with the modern Spiritualist movement between the years 1875-1891. Special attention has been paid to some of the neglected figures associated with these organizations including Arthur Lillie- the Gnostic-occultist and early critic of the Theosophical Society; the Davenport Brothers- the Spiritualist mediums who developed many of the standard elements which became associated with modern Spiritualism; Alfred Wallace- the prominent scientist, Spiritualist, and supposed member of the Theosophical Society and many others. This work will appeal to a wide array of readers including those interested in modern religious movements, Western Esotericism, South Asian history, and Victorian studies.

About the Author

Jeffrey D. Lavoie pursued post-graduate studies at Episcopal Divinity School and Harvard University. He has published in various academic journals related to modern religious movements and is presently a doctoral candidate in the history of Western Esotericism at the University of Exeter.