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Working the Affect Shift

Latina Service Workers in U.S. Film

by Steve Nava

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Publisher: BrownWalker Press
Pub date: 2011
Pages: 221
ISBN-10: 1612335136
ISBN-13: 9781612335131
Categories: SociologySocial Science


Working the Affect Shift explores the changing U.S. racial and political economic context of Latina working-class film and media images, and how Ethnic, Cultural, Film, and Feminist Studies have contributed to sociologically understanding them. We can rethink our orientation to so-called “stereotypes” by focusing on our forward-looking, positive neoliberal ideology as related to our "national forgetting of collective racial injury."

Each film and media image analyzed herein offers an example of how the fraught relational matrices of race, class, gender, and sexual identities continue to shape national politics despite our national commitment (on the political Right and Left) to "multiculturalism." Using Latina service workers as examples, this volume offers ways to think productively toward re-shaping our national identity by envisioning change without negating historical injuries suffered by both minorities and whites, males and females.

About the Author

Steve Nava grew up in San Antonio, Texas where he was involved with Chicana/o social change groups. He earned his doctorate at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2010. He now lives with his family in Northern California where he teaches sociology and topics related to creating social understanding about race, class, gender and sexual inequalities at area universities and colleges.