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Investigating the Natural World of Chemistry with Kids

Experiments, Writing, and Drawing Activities for Learning Science

by Michael J. Strauss

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2012
Pages: 224
ISBN-10: 1612331556
ISBN-13: 9781612331553
Categories: ChemistryPhysics & ChemistryEducation


This unique book of real chemistry and science for children illustrates the nature of physical and chemical change using the very smallest parts of things: atoms and molecules. It encourages children, ages 5-12, along with their parents or teachers, to become active learners of science, to discover meaning not only in the ideas and definitions of others, but also (and especially) in their own world.

Chapters include: Evaporating, Condensing, Dissolving, Crystallizing, Mixing, Separating, Melting, Freezing, and Reacting.

About the Author

Michael Strauss is a professor emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Vermont. During past decades he spent much of his free time traveling to schools, libraries and museums in Vermont where he presented hands on workshops and shows of chemical magic for children. He now teaches drawing with a focus on visual learning as a tool for problem solving. His next book, The Mind at Hand: Stories of Exploration, Discovery and Design, forthcoming from BrownWalker Press, deals with the process of Drawing-to-Learn science across the disciplines.