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Basics of Stage Combat


by Andrew Ashenden


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2012
Pages: 125
ISBN-10: 1612330711
ISBN-13: 9781612330716
Categories: CommunicationTextbooks & Study Guides


This book, the first in a series, is an introduction to the basics of stage combat in the area of unarmed combat. It holds enough information to give students an understanding of the subject, as well as how to perform some of the more simple "tricks of the trade." The importance of the safety involved in performing stage combat is also discussed.

Book two, Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword, instructs the reader about the foundations of safe, skillful single sword use in theater, film, and television. Actors both wishing to refresh their old skills and those new to stage combat will learn how to parry with a sword, move with a sword, and perfect the various movements required of them to perform a safe and realistic stage combat scene. Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword will also help drama students who are taking stage combat classes or stage combat exams gain the confidence to embrace the complexities of working with a sword.

About the Author

Andrew has worked as an Equity fight director in television, film and theatre. His credits include: BBC Wales on the soap POBOL Y CWM since 2006, Welsh National Opera, The National Theatre of Wales, The Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Royal Bath, The Globe (touring Company), Bute Theatre Wales, Birmingham Stage Company and Harrogate Theatre to name a few. Andrew is also a Founding Member of the Academy of Performance Combat (A.P.C.), and the resident fight teacher for Guildford School of Acting (G.S.A), The Bridge Theatre Training Company (based in London), Royal Academy of Music (R.A.M) (based in London), and the University of Lincoln.