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Pathology of the Kidney in Dysproteinemia

by Charles N. Gamble, MD

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2012
Pages: 132
ISBN-10: 1612330371
ISBN-13: 9781612330372
Categories: Medical & Health ScienceMedicine & HealthTextbooks & Study Guides


Pathology of the Kidney in Dysproteinemia is an academic monograph describing in detail the causes and development of structural and functional changes in the human kidney resulting from the deposition of abnormal circulating serum proteins. The material presented was obtained from 147 cases of renal involvement associated with Dysproteinemia encountered in university and community hospital settings. The described entities account for 4.5% of 3.260 biopsies of native kidneys examined over a period of approximately 25 years. While some of the lesions are quite rare, others are relatively common and seen fairly frequently in a reasonably busy renal biopsy service. Together they constitute a group of extremely interesting lesions in terms of immunology, morphology, and pathogenesis.

This book should be of interest to pathologists– especially renal pathologists, immunologists, and internists. Both general internists and sub-specialists in nephrology and hematology will find this volume useful, as will medical residents and medical technologists in these various specialties. As a monograph it is user-friendly, since the subject matter is sufficiently circumscribed to permit expanded or detailed visual and textual treatment of specific lesions in a single easy-to-wield volume.

About the Author

Charles N. Gamble, M.D. is a pathologist board-certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology with post-graduate training in immunopathology at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, CA. He taught pathology and nephrology residents and practicing pathologists and nephrologists for many years at the Universities of California and Davis Medical Centers. He has published 23 articles in scientific journals, co-edited a book, contributed to four additional books, and published abstracts and letters in 15 periodicals.