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Hidden Treuhand

How Corporations and Individuals Hide Assets and Money

by Shelley A. Stark

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2009
Pages: 296
ISBN-10: 1599429292
ISBN-13: 9781599429298
Categories: Law & Legal StudiesBusiness & EconomicsLaw & Legal Studies


What part is Hidden Treuhand playing in the ensuing global financial crisis? The Hidden Treuhand is the single most powerful business tool in the world of globalization today. It is the missing key, reshaping the world’s financial system though few have ever heard of it.

With a Hidden Treuhand you can anonymously exercise complete economic rights in all commercial markets worldwide hiding assets and money from stockholders and taxation alike.

Many are unaware that U.S. corporations are using Hidden Treuhand to hide the scope of their economic activities – for example - Halliburton. From banks to bailouts, to shareholder value and pension funds – wealth is disappearing. How is it possible to hide stockholder wealth or economic activities worldwide?

Hidden Treuhand is a trade secret of elite European lawyers and powerful banking interests – creating a shadow economy and banking apparatus facilitating movements of money to tax havens. Powered by globalization it has moved beyond European borders and is working undetected within the capitalist free market secretly affecting the world economy.

How does Hidden Treuhand work? Who benefits? Who loses? This is the first book ever written, a ‘how-to-book’, that tells the story of Hidden Treuhand and how it is impacting the world economy and your financial security.

About the Author

Since 2004, Shelley A. Stark has been researching Hidden Treuhand legal practice, case studies, and history. Shelley holds a B.A. in Management and a M.A. in International Relations and Finance from Webster University in Vienna, Austria. She became keenly interested in Hidden Treuhand when she discovered some of its uses. Subsequent studies and interviews coupled with German law (Austrian civil and business law) explain Hidden Treuhand, how it is created and administrated, and how it can be used by corporations, individuals, criminal organizations, and terrorist financiers. This well-researched original work has led to the first documented account of Hidden Treuhand and tactics used to undermine national security and impact global financial security.