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Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers

The Discoveries and Inventions as Precursors that Led to Philo Farnsworth's Invention of Television

by Donald Ray Schwartz

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2010
Pages: 67
ISBN-10: 1599428849
ISBN-13: 9781599428840
Categories: CommunicationPhysics & ChemistrySocial Science


Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers is a monograph relating in linear fashion the discoveries and inventions in electricity, electronics, wireless, and mass communications that led to the inventor Philo Farnsworth having all necessary to realize his own moment of discovery-- by inventing one of the most influential of inventions, the television. The work includes a parallel discussion of the invention of lip-synchronization talking motion pictures, as both innovations, TV and Talkies, occurred in the same year.

About the Author

Donald Ray Schwartz has published nearly 200 works, including essays, articles, reviews and criticisms, a novella, and nonfiction works. He is is Associate Professor of Speech, Theatre, and Mass Communication at the Community College of Baltimore County. Professor Schwartz's plays have been produced up and down the east coast and throughout the Midwest; Review won the Sarasota (Florida) Theatre National Playwriting Contest. He has directed or produced over 40 main stage productions (including full stage musicals), directed television commercials, and featured in cameo roles in 2 independent motion pictures. He was also a featured performer for Nebraska Public Television's industrial film series. Having studied intensively with several prominent rabbis in their fields of scholarship, Professor Schwartz presents a series of lectures for the CCBC Speaker's Bureau, the college's conferences, and in the community with the theme, "Rhetoric and the Hebrew Bible."