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A Preliminary Design for a Universal Patient Medical Record

Re-engineering Health Care

by Michael R. McGuire

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2010
Pages: 121
ISBN-10: 1599428725
ISBN-13: 9781599428727
Categories: Medical & Health ScienceMedicine & HealthBusiness & Economics


Major goals of health care in the 21st century are to make health care more efficient and less costly. These goals can be accomplished by implementation of evidence-based care; greater coordination of patient care; implementation of preventive care and wellness measures; and the evaluation of outcomes of care to identify improved ways to provide care. A universal patient medical record can help achieve these goals of more efficient and less costly health care.

About the Author

Michael R. McGuire, now retired, was the principal designer of one of Kaiser Permanente's largest current clinical systems in Northern California, a system that has been used by thousands of Kaiser's employees for millions of its patients.