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A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry

by Charles H. Aboughantous


Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2010
Pages: 165
ISBN-10: 1599428229
ISBN-13: 9781599428222
Categories: MathematicsMathematicsTextbooks & Study Guides


A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry is intended to be a first course in plane geometry at the high school level. Individuals who do not have a formal background in geometry can also benefit from studying the subject using this book. The content of the book is based on Euclid's five postulates of plane geometry and the most common theorems. It promotes the art and the skills of developing logical proofs. Most of the theorems are provided with detailed proofs. A large number of sample problems are presented throughout the book with detailed solutions.

Practice problems are included at the end of each chapter and are presented in three groups: geometric construction problems, computational problems, and theorematical problems. The answers to the computational problems are included at the end of the book. Many of those problems are simplified classic engineering problems that can be solved by average students. The detailed solutions to all the problems in the book are contained in the Solutions Manual.

A High School First Course in Euclidean Plane Geometry is the distillation of the author's experience in teaching geometry over many years in U.S. high schools and overseas. The book is best described in the introduction. The prologue offers a study guide to get the most benefits from the book.

REVIEW by Bill Fredrick
The best geometry textbook I have read during my thirty years of teaching. It is truly a first course at the high school level. I strongly recommend it to all geometry teachers and students. It is concise and to the point just as the author describes it in the introduction. The clarity and conciseness of the text are rare in geometry textbooks at the high school level. Many theorems in so many geometry textbooks are wrongly cited as postulates. They are actually theorems in their own right with complete proofs in this book.
* The elegance and simplicity of the cover page mirror the content of the book. I haven’t been teaching geometry for the past few years, but I read the book by sheer curiosity. One thing included in the book that I have not seen in other books is a unique Preface. The thorough instructions about how to study geometry will be valuable to all students, including home schoolers and other independent learners. If I am asked to teach high school geometry again I will follow those instructions.
* The theorems are clearly proven following a new pedagogical approach. The proofs are followed by nicely detailed solutions illustrating how to solve proof problems using the theorems.
* The problems at the end of the chapters are pedagogically laid out in construction, computational, and proof problems. The book is well illustrated with simplified real world problems. The engineering design problems are wonderful. Most of all, this is a plain geometry textbook without pork. I rate it an excellent geometry first course at the high school level.
* According to the author, the book has two companions, a solutions manual which contains detailed solutions of all the problems in the book and a package of power point presentations for the geometric construction problems. Both of these would be excellent resources for all users of the book.

About the Author

Dr. Aboughantous taught mathematics for many years at both the high school and college levels; he also taught physics and engineering science at the college level. He is renowned for his contributions in mathematical physics and in engineering mathematics applied to various fields of engineering and physical science. At present, he is devoting his time to education.

Outside his professional activities, Dr. Aboughantous is a great fan of classical music, but he listens to international music too. He likes travel and he marvels at the great achievements of all times in art and in architecture.