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Development of Renewable Energy in Emerging Economies

by Jose Amaya

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Pub date: 2009
Pages: 84
ISBN-10: 1599427087
ISBN-13: 9781599427089
Categories: Business Management & AdministrationBusiness & EconomicsPolitical Science


This dissertation demonstrates a breadth and depth of knowledge about its subject that can only come from a truly experienced businessman. Drawing upon his life experience as well as scholarly sources, Dr. Amaya clearly and precisely sheds a fresh light of insight upon such subjects as renewable energy, market conditions and operations, and the effects of government policies on emerging economies. Dr. Amaya rigorously develops his argument that "the so- called energy problem has implications for the whole structure of modern society." Fully documented and persuasively argued, this dissertation has merit on several levels: as a primer on renewable energies, a record of existing government policies throughout the world, and a practical, feasible strategy for addressing 21st century energy needs and demands. He cogently concludes that "Through research, I have concluded that there is no single source of renewable alternative source of energy that can replace our use of fossil fuels within a five year period. The combination of the different sources would be our best alternative." Although there are many experts fairly well-versed in the subject of renewable energy, important knowledge can be found here and new truths rediscovered. Ultimately, Dr. Amaya believes that "Renewable and alternative energy technologies have to be explored in more detail, in the United States, like they have in other countries of the world. Although the society sees the need to address expanded technology in respect for alternate and renewable energy, lack of support from federal government is sending a different message."