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Justice Versus Politics in Haiti (2001 - 2004)

by Prosper Avril

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2007
Pages: 184
ISBN-10: 1581129661
ISBN-13: 9781581129663
Categories: Political SciencePolitical Science


In broad 21st century, without cause nor reason, a peaceful and honest citizen, Prosper Avril, a former president of Haiti, was imprisoned during 1011 days in a lugubrious cell by the only will of one man, an other president of this country: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Prosper Avril is the author of "Le Livre Noir de l’Insécurité" already presented in English language under the title "The Black Book on Insecurity", a book that had created the event in Haiti in the year 2001 when President Aristide made him arrested while he was signing his work to the public. His fight to recover his freedom is the source of his new work: "La Justice face au Pouvoir Politique en Haiti (2001 - 2004)" published after his release from prison. This book is offered now in its English version : "Justice versus Politics in Haiti (2001 - 2004)". Beyond the scandalous abuses and the humiliations he was subjected, the tribulations and vicissitudes he endured after his arrest, Prosper Avril denounces in this new book the misdeeds and the damage caused by the disordered and outraging interference of a government in a vital institution established to guarantee within the nation harmony, concord and social peace, the Judiciary. He invites the Haitian intelligentsia to view the film of miseries and misadventures of the Haitian Justice system under the cane of an autocrat and cruel Head of State. "Justice versus Politics in Haiti (2001 - 2004)" studies various aspects of the difficulty caused by the destructive subjugation of the legal apparatus by a political system and proposes solutions to stop this evil which corrodes the democratic structures of the Haitian society. The work thus transcends the person of the author and will surely be used as an instrument of reference by those in charge of the necessary reform of the Justice system in Haiti. The legal training of Prosper Avril, his long military career, his passage at the helm of the Haitian State, his three years of political imprisonment, constitutes as many assets which confers to him the authority to study such a subject and to produce a work likely to help the national and foreign thinkers to release reflections capable to lead to the reorganization and the dynamization of the Haitian legal system. Besides, this is in this context that is published this English version of the book, considering the unequivocal engagement of the international community in the research for a durable solution of the Haitian crisis.

About the Author

Prosper Avril is a former Commander of the Haitian Army and President of Haiti.