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The Semiotics of Beckett's Theatre

A Semiotic Study of the Complete Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett

by Khaled Besbes

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2007
Pages: 325
ISBN-10: 1581129556
ISBN-13: 9781581129557
Categories: Language, Literature & LinguisticsLanguage & Lingusitics


Semiotics is an interdisciplinary field of research and Beckett’s theatre is one which engages a large spectrum of subjects and concerns that touch upon multiple aspects of human experience. The Beckettian dramatic text, as shall be demonstrated in this book, is a fertile ground for a semiotic investigation that is orchestrated by the profound insights of C. S. Peirce. As it applies semiotics to Beckett’s theatre, this book seeks to preserve, communicate and throw into relief those ‘universal values’ in the playwright’s works which remain unchallenged despite every change and every revolution in human societies.

What this book will hopefully contribute to the general canon of theatrical studies is its study of the Beckettian dramatic text not as a model of the ‘absurd’ tradition, but rather as a cultural product whose writer's thinking can scarcely be dissociated from the cultural environment within which it took shape, and whose deciphering requires the use of cultural codes and sub-codes which will undergo detailed examination in the course of analysis, a study that we may so generically call a cultural semiotic study of Beckett.