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Soaring on the Wings of Genius

A Chronicle of Modern Physics, Book 3

by Dr. Andrew Worsley

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2007
Pages: 157
ISBN-10: 1581129483
ISBN-13: 9781581129489
Categories: PhysicsPhysics & Chemistry


Is there a unifying solution to myriad physical laws of Nature that govern the Universe? String theory represents the closest yet to such a unifying solution. However, after 20 years string theory has been unable to predict the physical constants of Nature and still has not provided the answer to quantum gravity. Recent strong evidence for the presence of a newly discovered energy, which affects the entire Universe may be the first clue to an as yet unlocked scientific paradigm. Dr Worsley argues forcibly that the answer to this paradigm opens a new window on the truly unified nature of the Universe. The arguments presented are clear concise and compelling.

About the Author

Consultant UHL, University of London and Hon. Senior Lecturer, University of London. Author of On the Wings of Genius: A Chronicle of Modern Physics, Book I and Flying on the Wings of Genius: A Chronicle of Modern Physics, Book II